Eggs have a lot of debatable subjects since it is being claimed as “the perfect protein” but also dangerous because of its cholesterol levels on it, so is it healthy or not?  Well let’s figure out! 

            I asked myself this question when I started my journey as a vegan person, I thought that if I go for local farm raise chicken eggs I could consume eggs for keeping a healthy diet without harming any life, but of course as a Nutritionist I have to make sure they were actually good for me.  One thing I found out was that every time there is a Medical, Nutritional and Fitness conference the egg industry is always the mayor sponsor, which makes me think if they are there because they are really healthy or because they only care about making money.


As a result there is a time dedicated to promote egg consumption focusing on them being the best protein source.  However when I started to dig more about the nutrients on a egg I found out they are not only high on protein but also on fat, saturated fat and cholesterol. Let’s think about it for a second, eggs are the menstrual period of a hen and it is hatched to create a life so of course it will contain high amounts of protein and fat, so high that it is actually way to high for humans making it non healthy and their non beneficial contents higher that it benefits.


Eggs have some vitamins and minerals but they don’t fiber, no vitamin c or other important nutrients, but when you eat a cup of broccoli you will found about 4 grams of protein, the perfect amount that your body actually needs plus, fiber, antioxidants vitamin C and E, and many other nutrients and the amazing health benefits are non negotiable.


 Eggs have tons of fat, saturated fat and cholesterol, this is very dangerous because this can injure your kidneys, overwhelm the liver and leave to a high blood cholesterol.  As Dr. Michael Klaper M.D. said, “Eating eggs is like putting gasoline on the fire”,  in this case is the fuel to cancer, diabetes, strokes, heart disease and more.  Protein deficiency is the weirdest case can be out there, the fact that a person can think, talk, walk or do anything at all simply can show they are not protein deficient.

            Truth is that plant protein is actually the perfect protein.  It decreases the chances of prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, eyes and brain vessels damage and more.  Eating 1 egg equals the damage as smoking 5 cigarettes.


Our bodies are not designed to eat eggs so it clogs our arteries and damages our gut bacteria.  But, what about egg whites? They don’t have cholesterol?  Well they are still as dangerous as the yolk, so dangerous that it can increase the insulin levels and still promote cancer growth.

            Eggs industries are multi millionaires industries making them very powerful and easy to advertise egg consumption.   They are pending hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing strategies promoting only the good nutrients on it, using pictures of healthy cows, happy farmers and famous celebrities to convince you eat their eggs.


              They had even come with the term of organic and free-range as part of deceptive marketing to make people feel more confinable with not exploding these poor hens.  However the USDA says that for the industry claim their eggs as free-range they have to prove that these animals are allowed access to the outside, but this can mean, going out at least once in their life or a small opening in a dark shed full with 20,000 hens inside.  So it is not that humane at all anyways.


           These industries are so good in hiding what is going on their factories and how bad they are on our health that they have Americans eating over 200 million eggs a day.  No wonder why there is so many cancer and heart disease deaths cases every years.  It is so bad for our health that the USDA had prohibited eggs industry to promote and advertise their eggs as healthy or safe.  Hens have only one hole which means that pee, poop and eggs comes out from the same hole making eggs the second cause of salmonella poisoning, causing 142,000 illnesses each year according to the FDA.


            So how can we replace eggs for a better healthy diet?  Stay tuned to my website as I keep posting more shocking egg facts this week and how can we substitute eggs for a healthy full of nutrients meals.  Tomorrow, we will be talking about the non-humane conditions that hens live just to create 1 egg.  You cant miss it out!

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