The Not So Me…Me

December 12

      Ok, I always try to be positive and think only about the good things but God today I can’t.  It has been one bad thing behind the other, no break; I woke up feeling like crap with a big headache to take my boys to two different doctor’s appointments.  So I had to drive fifty minutes, yes it is far, and by the time I was looking for a parking I was late and couldn’t not find one so I wastes fifteen more minutes going around trying to find a frigging parking.  So I there I am finally at the doctors and one hour and twenty minutes later and a crying baby for the ENTIRE TIME I was still waiting for my kids to be called.  So I started to think okay so the boys haven’t been called yet so that means I still have another hour here if I get call right now, my baby girl was not going to calm down any time soon and not for a entire hour so I got up and left.  Uh eighty minutes of my morning wasted completely.

So I went to the mall which was nearby and try to find some lunch on the budget, I was hungry on a very bad mood and my baby is still going crazy screaming and crying for no reason, I mean, she did not wanted her body, her diaper was changed, had no gas like girl what the hell is going on with you today!!!!!! So I went to have lunch on a place that I been a few times and they always serve the food very fast but….. today’s was not that day, I waited too much, plus my daughter (the baby) knew I was on a eating place so started to ask for more…more…more… baby’s classic, but more was not coming !!!! OMG my blood pressure is on the sky.  To make things more exited; I finally got my food and guess what? My daughter tasted the food and decided that she did not want that and keep making her show.  Oh and my headache is still on.

      So I went to my next appointment and at least I got called pretty fast but I was still on a bad mood, I got out and went to the supermarket to get some things I needed to make tonight’s dinner or should I say breakfast.  Yes please, breakfast for dinner, I saw this video of a banana French toast so I wanted to cook that, I mean, I am tired, I am mad and I do not feel like cooking for an eternity okay.  But of course things did not got my way on the cooking department, I used a non non-stick pan and deam toast were sticking on the pan and the bread I used was definitely not the right one.  The bread was too thin and I wanted a nice thick toast, plus, also I noticed they were better if baked but I thought that right a few minutes ago when I seated on this chair to blog about today.  So I made banana walnut French toast, of course I had to add my touches.  I forgot to put the coconut whipped cream on top like I had planned (my brain is on shut down for the rest of the day, literally) and the sauce was not caramelized like I wanted it to be, I have to absolutely remake this recipe.  After all I think it was still good, I did like it and my boys were eating it like they never ate before lol.

      So here I am trying to take a deep breath ready to take a shower, yes, I haven’t yet, I have to warm water in a pot to then take it to the bathroom and mix it with cold, because there is no way this mamasita is going to take a cold shower, oh hell no.  So while the water got hot I wrote my blog.  Uhhh, I am out, I want to shower and lay down on my bed a get my peace back because girl, i am telling you, this is so not me, I need my happy me back and only a good TV show will do that right now….and chocolate.  So what you guys doing tonight? Any movies to watch tonight?



Oh, Oh, Oh, and here I am writing my signature and…. My four legs daughter (my dog) walks in walking al weird and crying, I went to get her food and she doesn’t want it… which is super weird, so I go to her trying to get her the food and boom, she hurt her leg and hurts so bad she can’t move it or touch it.  My poor baby, what I do now, I don’t have any money to take her to the vet, this is a nightmare.  Hope you do have a good night all. 

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