The Snack Attack

Omg! It has been a good minutes since I last blogged.  I have so many exiting things to tell you guys.  So today I worked on three new recipes, they are very simple and quick snacks and desserts that let me tell you, you will love and be completely satisfied and the best part, it will still be healthy and of course vegan.  First I started with a snack called Peanut Butter Tortillas, this came out because I was having a sweet tooth for a moment and noticed it was my snack time, so I went to my fridge and look what I could do.  Well, I found a whole wheat tortilla with some bananas I just got yesterday.  So I said okay so what I can do with these two, then I thought of course peanut butter goes great with bananas so why not a peanut butter banana tortillas? While I was making this I had to add, chocolate chips, because let me tell you, I love chocolate with bananas, I even add them every time I bake banana bread and usually chocolate chips are not on a banana bread recipe, that is how much I love chocolate with bananas.  So of course I added them on my tortillas.  I only added the ingredients on half of tortilla so by the time I fold the tortilla I will end up eating just one tortilla and not two.  This snack ended being so satisfying that I almost count finish the whole thing, I was full.

After I wrote the recipe I decided to look for some recipes ideas, and I saw this super easy dip for fruits that let me tell you, I was disappointed of why I did not though of this before.  It only takes five minutes to prepare and you don’t have to bake or cook anything, how amazing is that? Oh, and no dirty blenders either.  Of course original recipe was not vegan so I made it vegan and boom I got two new desserts for my book because I made it in two ways, chocolate dip and almond butter dip, yessssss.

I do want to apologize for all of you that have been waiting to see more posts, but I been working really hard on creating a new brand.  I will be launching apparel and mug this summer and I been designing tees, longsleeves, hoodies and sweatshirts for you guys.   Oh yes and mugs too for all of my coffee lovers like me.  I also have been trying to figure out how to edit videos since I am also starting a vlog of my life as a single mom with a regular job and trying to create a business.  I have so much going on my plate that I haven’t been able to cook as much as I wish.  I got a new vlog camera for my birthday (yes it is in two weeks and yes it was a early birthday gift) but ended up my laptop don’t want to read my videos so now I am figuring how to do this all by myself.  I also been trying to create my brand webpage and that is another pain in the neck.  I am considering hiring someone to create my page but apparently no one I know works with shopify, huh.

I will see you soon again, thank you all so much for your support and please keep giving all your love and support to this girl because I will need it now more than ever.


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My brand as @myfitsteph

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Stephanie's Wellness is a online vegan magazine that helps ladies to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food. Here I share information about wellness, mindset, nutrition, and health. I also give workouts ideas and tips. I love to share recipes ideas that are healthier than the usual ones. I also share everything you need to have a healthy mindset, how to create routines, how to stay motivated, how to talk to your self and more. Also the magazine supports animal's sanctuaries and rescues and will be donating $0.25 from every issue sold to these places. Join the free FB Group: Stephanie's Wellness Community FB: @stephanieswellnessmag IG: @stephanieswellnessdotcom Follow Founder Stephanie IG: @iamstephaniellopez

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