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     Knowing your straights and qualities help you build confidence, self-esteem and makes you powerful. It might feel weird at first when someone ask you what are your good qualities and you responds, but if you believe in them you will soon feel amazing and great about yourself and you will build and unbreakable confidence.  Creating confidence is a must to build healthy relationships, have a successful career and life a happier life.

     Why it is important to know what your qualities are? It is important because they guide you on what you do, like who are your friends, where you work, where you go, what are your hobbies, and how you feel about yourself.  There are times when you might feel like you are missing something or that something is wrong with you but what you might have not realized is that you just don’t have clear who you are and that you are hanging with the wrong people in the wrong places.  Spending time with people who don’t share your same adventures will feel like something is wrong with you, that you are missing out something and that is when the negative thoughts about yourself will start to raise.  But when you know who you are and what you are worth you will start surrounding yourself with people who share your qualities, appreciate them and love them and you will start doing more stuff that will fulfill your life.

“Your qualities are who you are as a person and that is important for you to know.”

     Know, let me ask you, what are your good qualities? Can you answer that question, if yes, congratulations, write them down and keep them in your heart. If you don’t, don’t worry I will help you.


Here are some ways to identify your good qualities:

  1. Think about the good things in your life, and pay attention to all the good things you did, any complement, smiles or thank you that you received and why. What were they?
  2. Try new experiences, this can help you to learn new things about yourself. What new experiences would you like to try?
  3. Find out how is your personality and the straights that go with it.
  4. Find something you were good at as a kid. Do you still do it?

You can also ask yourself:

  1. “Who or what do I care about?”
  2. “What am I passionate about?”
  3. “Who cares about me?”
  4. “How have I helped or listened to someone?”
  5. “What challenges have I overcome?”
  6. “What do others like about me?”
  7. “What good things have people said to me?”
  8. “What are my expectations in life?”

Need some improvements? Think and list your weaknesses, then write down how you can improve them, like if you have a lack of confidence maybe you can try to go and do a public speech, or look at a person in the eyes when talking to them, etc.  Practice until the total oposite of this weakness becomes a quality of your personality.

Remember that you are one and only, you are a unique perfect creation of the universe, you don’t need to be like someone else.  

     Now that you have identified your qualities I want you to write them in a blank paper, but you will write “I am … and your word.

I am fearless

I am a risk taker

I am loving

I am a born leader

I am energetic

For now on you will read this word every morning while you do your gratefulness and meditations and then you will read them before going to sleep.  This will help you to create confidence, believe in them and love who you are.


Not sure of what qualities you can thing of? Here is a list of qualities you can check at and think if goes with you. 

Adventurous:  I take risks.

Ambitious:  I am driven to succeed.

Approachable:  I work well with others.

Articulate:  I can express myself well in front of groups.

Autonomous:  I use initiative.

Calm:  I stay levelheaded in a crisis.

Charismatic:  I can be a leader when need be.

Cheerful:  I develop a positive work environment.

Clever:  I can juggle multiple tasks.

Competitive:   I thrive under pressure.

Confident:  I am not afraid to ask questions.

Cooperative:  I get along well in a team setting.

Courteous:  I care about workplace atmosphere.

Creative:  I think outside the box.

Curiosity:  I am eager to learn.

Determined:   I am self-motivated.

Devoted:  I am committed to the company’s success.

Diligent:   I always work my hardest.

Easygoing:  I easily adapt to new situations.

Educated:  I possess formal training.

Efficient:  I have very quick turnover time.

Eloquent:  I have strong communication skills.

Energetic: I am able to work long and hard hours.

Enthusiastic:  I put my all into every project.

Flexible:  I am able to adapt my priorities.

Focused:  I am goal-oriented.

Friendly:   I am easy to work with.

Honest:  I value integrity.

Imaginative:  I am inventive in my work process.

Independent:  I need little direction.

Inexperienced:  I am a blank pallet.

Inquisitive:  I am excellent at gathering information.

Insightful:  I can read between the lines.

Intuitive:  I can sense when there is a problem.

Meticulous:  I pay attention to the small details.

Neurotic:  I am a perfectionist.

Open-minded:  I take constructive criticism well.

Opinionated:  I am comfortable voicing opinions.

Organized:  I am a meticulous planner.

Patient:  I am not easily ruffled.

Perceptive:  I can read people effortlessly.

Persuasive:  I am a natural salesperson.

Procedural:  I work best with structure.

Punctual:  I have great time management skills.

Quiet:  I am a great listener.

Relaxed:  I do not stress easily.

Resourceful:  I use every tool at hand.

Responsible:  I always finish a task on time.

Talkative:  I am comfortable initiating a dialogue.

Technological:  I am industrially savvy.

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