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            I love the holidays and all the foods I get to eat during this time.  Enjoining meals that you don’t usually have all year long made me extremely happy, creating memories with my family is priceless but the weight gain after that was pretty much frustrating.  I used to set weight loss as a New Year’s goal every year and just like most of the females out there I would not stick to my diet.  I was having a lack of motivation, I wasn’t organized and to be more honest I didn’t even knew what to do.

            After years of gaining weight and being depressed I started to go to the gym and lose weight but then, the holidays will come and I was gaining all that weight again.  One day I decided to follow some rules for me to follow during this season so I could keep the weight that I worked my ass off during the entire year to achieve while I still enjoy this beautiful season with my family.  The results were amazing, I did not gain not even one pound, I keep my weight, I was feeling great, confident and I had fun during the entire season. No guilt, no fatigue, no extra pounds and no extreme diets on the New Year.

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            The Problem

            Did you know that most of people gain 8-10 pound during the holidays? I know it is absurd.  But truth is that this is everybody’s favorite season and they tend to neglect their health by eating everything that screams thanksgiving and Christmas without thinking of all the sugar and fats that’s on that food.  Not only that but people stop to workout, this season becomes they get too busy and stressful and exercise pass to ghost town.

            This results on extreme weight loss goals with extreme diets, magic weight loss pills and extreme workouts.  The problem? After you finish your extreme journey you don’t know what to do next, because you are not going to keep doing these extreme workouts the entire year.  This result in gaining back your weight and most of the times those pounds come back with interests.  You did not learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that you can easily follow all year long and enjoy life to the fullest, stress free, pain free, broke bank account free and magic pills free.

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            The solution

            Being organized and have a clear view of what you want and why is key to keep a healthy body weight during the holidays.  Knowing what little steps you can follow to not only stay in shape but to also enjoy your holidays will be priceless.  With help you will know all the tricks I follow to keep my body in shape, enjoy my dinner and eat delicious holiday feasts.  Working out can be easy and quick and get you going out of the door in no time, all you need is a guide.

            The Holiday Survival Guide

Get your Holiday Survival Guide here:


            The Holiday Survival Guide is a special edition of the November issue that I had created just for you.  I love my body and I love sharing all my tricks on how I do it with you.  With my tips you will be able to join the holidays without the stress of wondering what you should eat and what not.  Staring in front of the table and thinking without knowing the answers is exhausting and frustrating but it won’t be any more with my guide.

            Not everybody is a creative chef and can’t come with bright ideas of creating healthy versions of your traditional holiday meals; this is why I had decided to find the best healthy thanksgiving dinner recipes on the web just for you.  I share with you their links so you can then have new ladies to follow to help you keep creating healthy dishes next year.

            If you are going to be extremely busy like me and don’t have time to go to the gym, in this Holiday Survival Guide you will get a 8 minute workout that you can do at your home and be out of the door in no time to conquer your day.

            I also wanted to give you a little bonus to delete another stress for this holiday.  I got a new member to the Fit Steph gang and she is going to be in charge of the fashion department so I figure out it would be great that she shared the latest fall wear so you can relax and know what to wear that day.

            Now I am living my best life, I am still on my perfect weight and I enjoy every second of my holidays while I still enjoy delicious feasts.  I feel fulfilled on a deep level every season of the year.  If there’s one thing I know is that everybody need a little help to stay on track during this super tempting holidays.  We need the confidence to stay strong, know what we choose to eat and feel good about it. 

            Instead of starting New Year depressed, overweight, with a weight loss goal in your checklist, extreme diets and extreme workouts, let’s start feeling energized, strong and confident and rocking our best shape ever.

            You need to grab all the opportunities the universe gives you and here you have a big one.  Come a take a ride with me on my healthy holiday season and let me help you to stay in shape and start New Year’s looking and feeling amazing.

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