Hello ladies!How you doing today? I hope you are ready for this leg workout that will also…help grow your BOOTY, oh yesss.  Today I decided to follow Whitney Simmons full leg workout because let me tell you, she got that dream booty goals girl.  On my research of looking for a killer leg workout I thought “hum, why not follow a YouTuber fitness workout ?” and then, boom, Whitney uploaded a leg workout… I just called for it #lawofattraction

So today we are doing a full leg workout that will also help to grow your booty, but let me tell you, her workouts are no joke, I feelt pain just by watching the video, so you better get super pumped about this workout.


Main targets: Quads, hamstrings and glutes

Start by a 15 minute warm-up of choice, I like to do some running

Then 4 sets of5

-1 & 1/2 sumo squat deadlift

Superset #1

3 sets 5

-split stance RDL

-5 split squat

2 sets of 8-10

-heavy hip thrusts

1 set of 10, 5, 5

– myo-rep hip thrusts

Superset #2

2 sets of 12

-straight leg deadlift

On each set, you will do a workout, rest 30 seconds, do the second workout and thenrest one minute.  Then you can get startedwith the second set. 


Sumo squad deadlift= get on a sumo position totarget better your glutes and hamstrings and take attention of your knees.  Making sure you back is straight, grab thebarbell and go up squeezing your glutes, then take your but down.  Now, this is a variation of deadlifts, whichmeans you will do a full rep and then you will do half of another one, insteadof going all the way up, you will hold up half way up, hold position for asecond, then you will go back down.  Repeat.

Split stancedeadlift = Split your legs, like if a lunge position, with a barbell betweenlegs.  Grab the barbell and with yourback straight, you will take the barbell up till a little higher than yourkneesand then, you guess it, go down. Do by keeping the bar close to your frontleg.  Repeat this workout 5 times andfollow with number 4.

Split squat = Keep the previous position, and know do squad movements holding the barbell,bend down focusing on your quads and then go up.  Repeat.

Hip thrusts = Startwith your shoulder blades against a bench, and your arms spread across it forstability.  Bend your knees to about 90 degrees, and make sure your feetare flat on the floor.  Now, squeeze yourglutes and lift up your hips, and hold for a second. Repeat.

MYO-Hipthrusts = Reduce the barbell weight a half. You will do the same workout as hipthrust but you will do less reps on each set.   You will do one set of 10 reps andrest, then you will do a set of 5, rest and another set of 5.

Straight leg barbell deadlift = Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and slightlybending your knees, and grab the barbell your hands slightly wider thanshoulder-width apart.  Push yourchest out and keeping your back straight push your hips back as you lower thebar to just below your knees. Pause, and return to the starting position.

She had another exercise called hyperextensions but I focus on workouts that you can doat home with barbells and dumbbells.  Forthis you will need special equipment that might take your budget away so I eliminatedthis workout.

Let me tell you this, my glutes and hamstrings were not happy with me next day.  You will think you okay and nothing happen that day, but the next day, when you wake up, and are about to get our of bed… you will curse me…for the moment, but then you will be happy. 

  Are you ready for this killer leg day?

Watch the workout video here! 

Wanna know who Whitney Simmons is? You need to check her IG out

She also has a YouTube video and she did this workout on her Whitmas Day 9 of 2018.  

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