Introducing: Mindful Eating

Had you ever started a diet or workout plan and never finished it? Had you ever lost weight and gain them back over time? Do you feel overwhelmed by the feeling that living healthy is all about depriving yourself from your favorite foods and eating boring meals?

I been there! I felt imprisoned on my thoughts about all the harm that food is doing to us now days because all the process that they go through. I was frustrated, I only could thought about the negative effects of food on my body, about why I shouldn’t eat something, about all the food I was giving up and came to the point where I quit and stopped eating healthy, it felt like a deprivation instead of something I would feel joy and fulfillment doing.

But that feeling is over, I had found the perfect balance between me and food and I am sharing all my strategies with you. I am so happy I found this in my life that I seriously belief you need this too, his is what I call “Mindful Eating” it is a life changer and believe me you will feel like a new woman after you implement Mindful Eating in your life.

To be honest I found Mindful Eating by accident, I was in search for something else, to fix my financial situation and trying to gain financial freedom, but this path did not only got me to answer my questions about my financial situation but also answered my emotional and health questions that I had before.

After I started to practice mindful eating I gained so much confidence that If you would told me I was going to be the most confident woman ever, I would laugh. I was happy with my self and the choices I was making, because they didn’t felt like a burden anymore, I wasn’t depriving myself of things I loved, I was simply loving my body and the greatness that food was doing to it.

One of the struggles I had was the fact that I was different, my lifestyle was different and for it my eating habits were different that any of my friends and family, seeing them “enjoying” their food made me feel like I was missing out, but truth is that we don’t really know if they are feeling good about them selves after they take a look at their bodies in the mirror, so why hurt myself of doing my body good?

Another problem I was facing was that I didn’t had the money to afford all of the guidance and coaches I needed to be happy and joyful, I mean, hiring a nutritionist, a fitness coach and a life coach ain’t cheap.

However, the biggest struggle I was facing was inside my mind, I was second guessing every decision I was making, I started to feel like I count keep with this lifestyle, that it was too much and I was lacking all types of motivation, I knew I loved the working out and wanted to workout but I wasn’t.

I hated the feeling of missing out on the things I loved like working out & eating desserts, I hated that all I could think of was what I should not being doing and how I was hurting my body.

On top of that I was struggling with other things in life, I was a single mom of three who back on a country that was absolutely not the place I belong too, I was working on a job that yes it was good pay … if you had any work that day, this means pay checks where not stable, I had no freedom at all, I was so frustrated I even started to had panic attacks, got depressed and stopped working out.

I started to wake up in the middle of the night with huge panic attacks, what a horrible feeling, it was something I never experienced before and I needed it to stop, it was making my life more depressing and frustrated. One morning after another horrible panic attack I decided that this needed to stop immediately, I needed to stop worrying about how I was going to pay bills and being able to go out with my kids and have fun like we used to, so I knew that it was time I started my own business.

Ever since I had memory I knew I wanting to own a business, I was meant to be my own boss, but just like 98% of the world I didn’t pursue my dream. This time thought I was all in, I was so done with all the struggles that I was going to do whatever it takes to get out and thrive.

But I faced the same problem again, I had no money to get a website technician, a social media expert, hire a photographer and all of the things I would need to get a professional business going. So I had to learn everything by myself, I had to figure out the best website platform, and figure out how to work with it, I had to read a lot of books that where used and cheap on Amazon, watch dozens of YouTube videos on ‘how to”, watch every free webinar there was and read as much articles as I could.

Soon I discovered something, I noticed that all these success books I was buying instead of giving you the roadmap on how to build a business (step one get a website here, second step buy your domain, etc.) they all said that to achieve success you have to work on yourself first, you have to create a new mindset, change the way you think, see and do things and create new values, new story, new habits and new way to action.

They all claimed that because they took so much care of their wellbeing that workout sand healthy eating habits came with the package, it was something that they did freely without any remorse or feeling of deprivation, because you are seeing life in a whole new way. The number one thing that keep popping out was mindfulness, seriously, have you read Oprah’s story?


This is when I started to realized that I because I was lacking the right mindset I was not having the motivation and passion that I needed to start working out and eating healthy. I also realized that everything starts in your mind, if you don’t have clear guidelines of why workout is important, on how it benefits your body way beyond that just looking good and how amazing food is to your bodies and how food makes us … us, will never have the motivation to go and workout and eat healthy free of remorse.

I knew I needed to crate a relationship with food, a relationship with my self, with my mind and with my body, and we all needed to live in harmony, something that almost everybody is lacking of, we either live in harmony with food and not our bodies or we live in harmony with the body but not with food because we end up hating what it does to us (gaining weight or getting illnesses).

However I found my self on a little situation, or should I say big? I was spending a lot of money in membership sites, I was paying for a fitness app, for a health coaching, and a healthy recipe site and more. Plus, I found myself caring three journals all over the house or at packing time, I had a productivity and calendar journal, I had a meal and fitness tracker journal and my mindful journals, it was too much so that’s when I new I had to create something where I had it all in one place, something where I could live in perfect harmony with my mind, my food, my body and my soul easily.


Mindful Eating has been created as a result of me trying to find the perfect place where I can get everything I needed to live healthy and happy in only ONE place in a affordable price.I knew that if I was having this struggle, there where many other females out there that where the same situation, so I decided to create “Mindful Eating”.

Mindful Eating is a monthly subscription website where every month you will get:

I have crated a membership platform where you will get EVERYTHING you need to have a healthy and happy lifestyle, yes, one platform, one monthly payment and all done for you. 

Every month you will have a mindful eating path workshop where I will guide you on creating your best relationship ever with food.  These workshops will come with a deep detailed article, info graphics, printable worksheets, videos, community support and conversations and more. 

Because fitness and nutrition is as important as our well-being “Mindful Eating” will give you a monthly workout plan with a nutrition guide. The nutrition guide will also include some recipes to help you create new amazing meals and keep you motivated to cook more often.

“There are so many amazing surprises inside that you CANNOT miss this incredible opportunity.”

I know how pain in the neck can be to seat down and figure out which workouts you want to do every day, week and month so I am making it easy for you. How amazing is this already? Same with meals, I mean there can be so many choices that we can just end up overwhelmed and not make a choice and quit searching, so I will just handle a nutrition plan for you and you just need to go grocery shopping girl.

Mindful Eating main purpose is to help you create healthy RELATIONSHIPS with your food, being mindful about your eating habits and how to love food and live in harmony with it. To achieve that we need to go deep on the topics I will share with you and create healthy eating and fitness routines, routines that will feel like part of your live like taking a shower, washing your teeth and not a obligation, but something you do because you love taking care of your body, you love your body and you want to live your best life.

Crating a monthly plan where I decide what I must do every month for my business, for my personal growth, for my workout routines and creating a meal plan has been the key to transforming my life, staying sane (literally) and enjoying every second of my days and Mindful Eating will help you do the same.

I need a plan that will take me to where I need to go.  If I want to spend more time with my kids and go out with them then I need to make a plan for it and add it on my schedule, that way the words I forgot or I don’t have time will never be part of my vocabulary anymore.  But as I mentioned before I was caring with too many journals so I had created and all in one monthly journal.  There you will track your mood, your to do lists, your schedule as well as your meal plans, workout plan, journal and more.

Our last very important feature will be a book club with of course an amazing community support. We will have our own Facebook group were you will be able to talk about every workshop, answer questions and thrive with other females that are on the same path that you are, because let’s face it, being on a new lifestyle with no one understanding where you going and getting them bored with your new exiting subjects can feel lonely, I been there girl.

Last, because growing is our new thing I though it will be exiting to have a book club were we can read together a book and interact about it, I love reading and sometimes I get supper exited about my books but again, I had no one to talk about it, so I know that being part of a book club will be amazing for you.

Seriously, can anything be any better than this?



Because this is such an amazing offer we know enrollments will go up fast, so we are not only going to be opening for a limited time, but when we open again, we will raise our prize. So if you want to save your spot and get the best deal we will EVER do, you need to join the waiting list NOW!

Save your spot NOW and I will send you a FREE bonus, you will get a guide on “How Can You Make Dinner Fun”, meal time should not be boring or a obligation, should be full of joy, fulfillment, excitement and love, so I am going to help you how to make dinner your favorite time of the day.

But wait!

There is another bonus for you!

BONUS #2: Want to make your dinner fun and EASY? Well I got you!

I am giving you a second FREE bonus we you save your spot and join the waiting list. I will send you a “30 Minutes 5 Ingredient Meals” recipes so you can save some time in the kitchen and spend that precious time with your family or yourself.

I can’t wait to meet you and share this new amazing transformation with you, this is going to be a life changer, new life, new values, new relationships and new friends all in ONE place! Yasss, see you in a few.

Published by Stephanie's Wellness

Stephanie's Wellness is a online vegan magazine that helps ladies to create a healthy relationship with mind, body & food. Here I share information about wellness, mindset, nutrition, and health. I also give workouts ideas and tips. I love to share recipes ideas that are healthier than the usual ones. I also share everything you need to have a healthy mindset, how to create routines, how to stay motivated, how to talk to your self and more. Also the magazine supports animal's sanctuaries and rescues and will be donating $0.25 from every issue sold to these places. Join the free FB Group: Stephanie's Wellness Community FB: @stephanieswellnessmag IG: @stephanieswellnessdotcom Follow Founder Stephanie IG: @iamstephaniellopez

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