Homemade Apple Cider

So yesterday I tried for the first time to make apple cider and as a matter of a fact even though I had tested it before I didn’t really remembered how it’s flavor was and I will admit that I loved it and I’m kind of impressed I didn’t loved it as much as I did yesterday the first time I tested it.

Spiced Apple Cider with Apple Cider Cupcakes. Click here to get the cupcakes recipe.

As part of my new special issue coming this weekend I been working on some amazing fall recipes and apple cider came to the table. Today I decided to share this recipe because I want every body to have this even if they can’t get the magazine.

This recipe is ridiculously easy, just chop the apples, add the spices and let cook on the slow cooker while you go to work and when you get home your home is not only going to smell amazing but you will have something to sip while you seat down and chill.

Spiced Apple Cider

. 14 apples, chopped
. 3 cinnamon sticks
. 1 2″inch fresh ginger
. 2 tsp of cloves
. 8 cups of water
. 1 cup of brown sugar

Place all ingredients, except for the brown sugar, on the slow cooker and cook for 8 hours or overnight.
Now, take all the apples and cloves out and add the brown sugar, stir and cook for another hour.
Serve warm if desired or chilled with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick.
Buen Provecho!

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