If you are trying to get a flat belly or amazing abs then you probably already know that the getting the lower part of your abdomen, called rectus abdominis, is the hardest part to work with.

If you want to work the lower half of your abs, you have to initiate movement from the lower part of the muscle targeting the lower part of your abdomen. However it is remembered to do a complete core workout every time you are doing abs exercises.

Having a strong core has many great benefits as:
_ Improving sports performance.
_ Pain prevention.
_ It can make or break your speed goals.
_ Prevent an injury.
_ Stabilize lower back.
_ Gets stronger and healthier.
_ Run faster.
_ Enhance flexibility.
_ Improve balance, coordination and posture.
_ Improve brain power.

Tips For Better Workout Results

Keep Your Entire Back In The Floor

One bad habit we have when doing exercises that involves core or other ones that are laying down is that create a upsidedown U shape with our backs, and we don’t leave it completely flat on our flour. It is very important that we keep our back straight touching the floor, especially when we want to make our core strong, and get those lower abs working.

Be Realistic, Be Kind To Your Body

Truth is that not everybody’s bodies are the same, and there will be cases that no matter how hard you try, you could never end with insane 6 pack abs. It is very important that before you try any exercise you set realistic expectations for your self and have the right “WHY” loud and clear. Do your exercise for the right reasons and be kind to your body, do what it can without over working it and be happy about it.

Quality Over Quantity

We have the wrong idea that doing a 100 lower leg rises, will work better than doing solid 20 ones, and that is a wrong idea, no matter how much you make an exercise, if you don’t target the area you want to target and do it correctly you will never see results. Also, we often do a exercise that does target your desired area, but we do them wrong, which will end with an unsuccessful workout. Don’t rush, perform each exercise slow, steady and focusing always in the desired part.

Put Your Mind On It

It is very important that when you are doing your exercises that you think about the part of the abs that you’re trying to hit, and focus on engaging and initiating movement from that part of the muscle.

Lower Abs Exercises


For A Quick Insane 14 Minute HIIT Lower Abs Workout
Repeat each exercise for 45 seconds followed by a 15 seconds rest.
Repeat the entire circle 2X

For a more focused Calmed Muscle Focus Workout Session
Repeat each exercise 12 times.
Repeat 3 times.

You can also create super sets by combining two exercises like:
12 reps of V-Ups followed by 12 reps of downward dog split and then rest one minutes before starting the second rep.

Lie face-up on the floor with your legs and arms straight and lifted off the floor slightly.
In one movement, lift your torso and legs as if you’re trying to touch your toes.
Lower your body back down. That’s one rep

Downward Dog Split to Elbow Knee Hold
Start in a high plank position then send hips back and hike them up to downward dog position, biceps turned towards ears and fingers pushed into floor. Lift your right leg straight into air, then drive right knee to touch right elbow as you shift weight forward to your hands. Return to downward dog and repeat with left leg. Continue to alternate.

Side Plank With Reach-Through
Start in a side plank position with the left forearm on floor, your elbow under shoulder, feet stacked, and hips lifted so body forms one long, straight line. Stretch your right arm up to ceiling. This is your starting position. Draw the right hand down and reach it below left underarm as you curl upper body forward so shoulders are parallel to floor. Return to starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds on each side.

Slider Plank to Pike
Place your feet on two sliders (or towels) on the floor and assume a forearm plank position (elbows under shoulders, core and butt engaged). Using your core, lift hips up to pike, sliding feet forward and pulling your belly button in toward spine. Slide back to lower hips to plank position. Repeat.

Slider Bear Plank
On a floor, place your feet on two sliders and assume a high plank position (hands under shoulders, soft bend in elbows, butt and core engaged). Pull your feet in toward chest, bending knees until you’re in a bear plank, knees below hips, but still lifted off floor. Slowly push feet back to high plank. Continue to repeat. To make it easier, move one leg at a time.

Straight Leg Pulse Up
Lie faceup with your feet flexed in the air so your body creates a 90-degree angle and arms are rested palms down at sides. Use your core to pulse legs straight up towards ceiling, lifting butt off floor and pushing weight into hands. Think about stamping the bottom of your shoes on the ceiling and avoid using momentum to swing legs forward and up. Lower back to floor and repeat.

Plank Hops

On a floor, place your feet on two sliders and assume a high plank position with your feet close together. Hop both feet out to shoulder width and hop back to start. Continue the movement!

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