Introducing: Mindful Eating

Had you ever started a diet or workout plan and never finished it? Had you ever lost weight and gain them back over time? Do you feel overwhelmed by the feeling that living healthy is all about depriving yourself from your favorite foods and eating boring meals?

I been there! I felt imprisoned on my thoughts about all the harm that food is doing to us now days because all the process that they go through. I was frustrated, I only could thought about the negative effects of food on my body, about why I shouldn’t eat something, about all the food I was giving up and came to the point where I quit and stopped eating healthy, it felt like a deprivation instead of something I would feel joy and fulfillment doing.

But that feeling is over, I had found the perfect balance between me and food and I am sharing all my strategies with you. I am so happy I found this in my life that I seriously belief you need this too, his is what I call “Mindful Eating” it is a life changer and believe me you will feel like a new woman after you implement Mindful Eating in your life.

To be honest I found Mindful Eating by accident, I was in search for something else, to fix my financial situation and trying to gain financial freedom, but this path did not only got me to answer my questions about my financial situation but also answered my emotional and health questions that I had before.

After I started to practice mindful eating I gained so much confidence that If you would told me I was going to be the most confident woman ever, I would laugh. I was happy with my self and the choices I was making, because they didn’t felt like a burden anymore, I wasn’t depriving myself of things I loved, I was simply loving my body and the greatness that food was doing to it.

One of the struggles I had was the fact that I was different, my lifestyle was different and for it my eating habits were different that any of my friends and family, seeing them “enjoying” their food made me feel like I was missing out, but truth is that we don’t really know if they are feeling good about them selves after they take a look at their bodies in the mirror, so why hurt myself of doing my body good?

Another problem I was facing was that I didn’t had the money to afford all of the guidance and coaches I needed to be happy and joyful, I mean, hiring a nutritionist, a fitness coach and a life coach ain’t cheap.

However, the biggest struggle I was facing was inside my mind, I was second guessing every decision I was making, I started to feel like I count keep with this lifestyle, that it was too much and I was lacking all types of motivation, I knew I loved the working out and wanted to workout but I wasn’t.

I hated the feeling of missing out on the things I loved like working out & eating desserts, I hated that all I could think of was what I should not being doing and how I was hurting my body.

On top of that I was struggling with other things in life, I was a single mom of three who back on a country that was absolutely not the place I belong too, I was working on a job that yes it was good pay … if you had any work that day, this means pay checks where not stable, I had no freedom at all, I was so frustrated I even started to had panic attacks, got depressed and stopped working out.

I started to wake up in the middle of the night with huge panic attacks, what a horrible feeling, it was something I never experienced before and I needed it to stop, it was making my life more depressing and frustrated. One morning after another horrible panic attack I decided that this needed to stop immediately, I needed to stop worrying about how I was going to pay bills and being able to go out with my kids and have fun like we used to, so I knew that it was time I started my own business.

Ever since I had memory I knew I wanting to own a business, I was meant to be my own boss, but just like 98% of the world I didn’t pursue my dream. This time thought I was all in, I was so done with all the struggles that I was going to do whatever it takes to get out and thrive.

But I faced the same problem again, I had no money to get a website technician, a social media expert, hire a photographer and all of the things I would need to get a professional business going. So I had to learn everything by myself, I had to figure out the best website platform, and figure out how to work with it, I had to read a lot of books that where used and cheap on Amazon, watch dozens of YouTube videos on ‘how to”, watch every free webinar there was and read as much articles as I could.

Soon I discovered something, I noticed that all these success books I was buying instead of giving you the roadmap on how to build a business (step one get a website here, second step buy your domain, etc.) they all said that to achieve success you have to work on yourself first, you have to create a new mindset, change the way you think, see and do things and create new values, new story, new habits and new way to action.

They all claimed that because they took so much care of their wellbeing that workout sand healthy eating habits came with the package, it was something that they did freely without any remorse or feeling of deprivation, because you are seeing life in a whole new way. The number one thing that keep popping out was mindfulness, seriously, have you read Oprah’s story?


This is when I started to realized that I because I was lacking the right mindset I was not having the motivation and passion that I needed to start working out and eating healthy. I also realized that everything starts in your mind, if you don’t have clear guidelines of why workout is important, on how it benefits your body way beyond that just looking good and how amazing food is to your bodies and how food makes us … us, will never have the motivation to go and workout and eat healthy free of remorse.

I knew I needed to crate a relationship with food, a relationship with my self, with my mind and with my body, and we all needed to live in harmony, something that almost everybody is lacking of, we either live in harmony with food and not our bodies or we live in harmony with the body but not with food because we end up hating what it does to us (gaining weight or getting illnesses).

However I found my self on a little situation, or should I say big? I was spending a lot of money in membership sites, I was paying for a fitness app, for a health coaching, and a healthy recipe site and more. Plus, I found myself caring three journals all over the house or at packing time, I had a productivity and calendar journal, I had a meal and fitness tracker journal and my mindful journals, it was too much so that’s when I new I had to create something where I had it all in one place, something where I could live in perfect harmony with my mind, my food, my body and my soul easily.


Mindful Eating has been created as a result of me trying to find the perfect place where I can get everything I needed to live healthy and happy in only ONE place in a affordable price.I knew that if I was having this struggle, there where many other females out there that where the same situation, so I decided to create “Mindful Eating”.

Mindful Eating is a monthly subscription website where every month you will get:

I have crated a membership platform where you will get EVERYTHING you need to have a healthy and happy lifestyle, yes, one platform, one monthly payment and all done for you. 

Every month you will have a mindful eating path workshop where I will guide you on creating your best relationship ever with food.  These workshops will come with a deep detailed article, info graphics, printable worksheets, videos, community support and conversations and more. 

Because fitness and nutrition is as important as our well-being “Mindful Eating” will give you a monthly workout plan with a nutrition guide. The nutrition guide will also include some recipes to help you create new amazing meals and keep you motivated to cook more often.

“There are so many amazing surprises inside that you CANNOT miss this incredible opportunity.”

I know how pain in the neck can be to seat down and figure out which workouts you want to do every day, week and month so I am making it easy for you. How amazing is this already? Same with meals, I mean there can be so many choices that we can just end up overwhelmed and not make a choice and quit searching, so I will just handle a nutrition plan for you and you just need to go grocery shopping girl.

Mindful Eating main purpose is to help you create healthy RELATIONSHIPS with your food, being mindful about your eating habits and how to love food and live in harmony with it. To achieve that we need to go deep on the topics I will share with you and create healthy eating and fitness routines, routines that will feel like part of your live like taking a shower, washing your teeth and not a obligation, but something you do because you love taking care of your body, you love your body and you want to live your best life.

Crating a monthly plan where I decide what I must do every month for my business, for my personal growth, for my workout routines and creating a meal plan has been the key to transforming my life, staying sane (literally) and enjoying every second of my days and Mindful Eating will help you do the same.

I need a plan that will take me to where I need to go.  If I want to spend more time with my kids and go out with them then I need to make a plan for it and add it on my schedule, that way the words I forgot or I don’t have time will never be part of my vocabulary anymore.  But as I mentioned before I was caring with too many journals so I had created and all in one monthly journal.  There you will track your mood, your to do lists, your schedule as well as your meal plans, workout plan, journal and more.

Our last very important feature will be a book club with of course an amazing community support. We will have our own Facebook group were you will be able to talk about every workshop, answer questions and thrive with other females that are on the same path that you are, because let’s face it, being on a new lifestyle with no one understanding where you going and getting them bored with your new exiting subjects can feel lonely, I been there girl.

Last, because growing is our new thing I though it will be exiting to have a book club were we can read together a book and interact about it, I love reading and sometimes I get supper exited about my books but again, I had no one to talk about it, so I know that being part of a book club will be amazing for you.

Seriously, can anything be any better than this?



Because this is such an amazing offer we know enrollments will go up fast, so we are not only going to be opening for a limited time, but when we open again, we will raise our prize. So if you want to save your spot and get the best deal we will EVER do, you need to join the waiting list NOW!

Save your spot NOW and I will send you a FREE bonus, you will get a guide on “How Can You Make Dinner Fun”, meal time should not be boring or a obligation, should be full of joy, fulfillment, excitement and love, so I am going to help you how to make dinner your favorite time of the day.

But wait!

There is another bonus for you!

BONUS #2: Want to make your dinner fun and EASY? Well I got you!

I am giving you a second FREE bonus we you save your spot and join the waiting list. I will send you a “30 Minutes 5 Ingredient Meals” recipes so you can save some time in the kitchen and spend that precious time with your family or yourself.

I can’t wait to meet you and share this new amazing transformation with you, this is going to be a life changer, new life, new values, new relationships and new friends all in ONE place! Yasss, see you in a few.



Setting a goal in your mind can be a piece of cake, but making those goals a reality wont.  Studies had proven that people who just have them in their mind have a really big chance to not achieve them than those who sat down and write them down.  However the chances will go about 50/50 on achieving them if you just write them up, only 3% of people write them up, not wonder why so many people stay on lala land. To have a really high chance to make those goals a reality you need to write them down, yes, but also make a road map that will help you to get where you need to go.  Having a plan with all your pros, cons, check list, etc will help you to keep moving a step closer to your goal day by day.

On my free “Be Healthier Challenge” (Starts October 1st, it is FREE and you can join now)  I encourage you to start working on those goals so here I want to give you a basic goal roadmap to follow for you to reach your goal.


When you write down goals:                                           

You archive it in your subconscious.

You activate magical powers in your subconscious and help you to accomplish way more than you can imagine.

You begin to expect to achieve the goal and you can start to attract people and circumstances that are align with your goals.

You have a clear view of what you need to do to achieve those goals.


How to write down your goal and what to do:

Get a journal, this is where you are going to write your goal and everything it has to do with it.

Write your goal. Keep it real and specific… AS FUCK! Don’t say date night with my kids, say you will go to the movies to see this movie at this time and you will leave the youngest with your mom and then you will have dinner at this specific place.

Break that goal into smaller goals or steps. It makes it easier and more achievable to do.

Start little and then go up as you go. It’s like exercising, you start with lower weights and the you go up as you go.

Organize them in priorities and in the right order, I mean, you won’t lift a 50 pound weight if you haven’t stated with the 5 pound right???? So make sure they are organized in the order they need to be.

Break down your goal on different lists, example a 3 year goal, then a 1 year list, then break it into a monthly lists, then weekly lists and last daily lists.  Also set a top priority for the day, then add a second priority and finish with a third most important task for that day.

Create daily to do lists the evening before.  This will help you to make sure you don’t forget what you need to do the next day and you will wake up to an already created list so you won’t have to think hard when you wake up.  You can read it and go with your day.

Find inspirational quotes.

Find inspirational images; put them in your phone background, or in the bathroom mirror or in the fridge door.

Identify the people who will help you out to achieve your goal and surround yourself with those ones.

Check your goal daily, but most importantly in the first hour of you waking up before you even look at your phone.  This is the time your subconscious is easier to create an imprint in.

Set an alarm if you feel like you will forget, add post-it … Again, in the bath mirror or fridge door.

Identify the obstacles that you will have to overcome and acknowledge the information and skills you will need.

Set a deadline.  If you don’t finish that day, it is easy, just set a new one.

Give yourself credit of every step achieved, don’t be harsh on yourself or you will get discouraged.

Knowledge what you have done but also the things you haven’t so you can keep an eye on those and start working on them.

Take action; keep track of your process along the way.

Make sure that you are doing something daily that really takes you in the direction that you really want in life.

Need a little help with your goal map?

You can click in the link below to download a weekly planner for your goals.  this is a simple easier method, this is perfect for a headstart.  however you can also buy really soon my bood “The Ultimate Fit and Happy Book where I will talk with more details about setting a goal, more point to keep in mind and a complete journal.

Goal Map Plan


the ultimate guide first cover (1).jpg




Establecer un objetivo en tu mente puede ser un pedazo de pastel, pero hacer esos objetivos realidad no es habitual. Los estudios han demostrado que las personas que los tienen en mente tienen grandes posibilidades de no lograrlos, en comparación con aquellos que se sentaron a escribirlos. Sin embargo, las posibilidades irán alrededor de 50/50 para lograrlas si solo las escribe, solo el 3% de las personas las escriben, no se preguntan por qué tanta gente se queda en la isla. Para tener una oportunidad realmente alta de hacer que esos objetivos se hagan realidad, debe escribirlos, sí, pero también hacer una hoja de ruta que lo ayudará a llegar a donde necesita ir. Tener un plan con todos sus pros, contras, lista de verificación, etc. lo ayudará a mantenerse un paso más cerca de su meta día por día.

En mi “Desafío Be Healthier” gratuito (Comienza el 1 de octubre, es GRATIS y puedes unirte ahora) Te animo a que comiences a trabajar en esos objetivos, así que aquí quiero darte una hoja de ruta básica a seguir para que alcances tu meta .

Cuando anotas objetivos:

Lo archivas en tu subconsciente.

Activas poderes mágicos en tu subconsciente y te ayudan a lograr mucho más de lo que te imaginas.

Usted comienza a esperar alcanzar la meta y puede comenzar a atraer personas y circunstancias que se alinean con sus objetivos.

Usted tiene una visión clara de lo que debe hacer para alcanzar esos objetivos.


Cómo escribir su objetivo y qué hacer:

Obtenga un diario, aquí es donde va a escribir su objetivo y todo lo que tiene que ver con él.

Escribe tu objetivo. Manténgalo real y específico … ¡COMO FUCK! No diga una cita nocturna con mis hijos, diga que irá al cine para ver esta película en este momento y dejará al más joven con su madre y luego cenará en este lugar específico.

Rompa esa meta en metas o pasos más pequeños. Hace que sea más fácil y más realizable.

Comience poco y luego suba a medida que avanza. Es como hacer ejercicio, comienzas con pesos más bajos y subes sobre la marcha.

Organízalos en prioridades y en el orden correcto, quiero decir, ¿no levantarás un peso de 50 libras si no has declarado con 5 libras justo? Así que asegúrese de que estén organizados en el orden en que deben estar.

Divida su meta en diferentes listas, por ejemplo, una meta de 3 años, luego una lista de 1 año, luego divídala en una lista mensual, luego en listas semanales y en las últimas listas diarias. También establezca una prioridad máxima para el día, luego agregue una segunda prioridad y termine con una tercera tarea más importante para ese día.

Cree listas de tareas diarias la noche anterior. Esto te ayudará a asegurarte de que no olvides lo que debes hacer al día siguiente y te despertarás con una lista ya creada para que no tengas que pensar mucho cuando te despiertes. Puedes leerlo y seguir con tu día.

Encuentra citas inspiradoras

Encuentra imágenes inspiradoras; colóquelos en el fondo de su teléfono, o en el espejo del baño o en la puerta de la nevera.

Identifica a las personas que te ayudarán a lograr tu objetivo y rodéate de esos.

Verifique su objetivo todos los días, pero lo más importante es en la primera hora que se despierte antes de siquiera mirar su teléfono. Este es el momento en que su subconsciente es más fácil de crear una huella.

Ponga una alarma si siente que lo olvidará, agregue post-it … De nuevo, en el espejo de baño o en la puerta de la nevera.

Identifique los obstáculos que tendrá que superar y reconozca la información y las habilidades que necesitará.

Establecer una fecha límite. Si no terminas ese día, es fácil, solo configura uno nuevo.

Otórguese el crédito de cada paso que logre, no sea duro consigo mismo o se desanimará.

Saber lo que has hecho, pero también lo que no has hecho para poder controlarlos y empezar a trabajar en ellos.

Tomar acción; Mantenga un registro de su proceso en el camino.

Asegúrate de estar haciendo algo a diario que realmente te lleve en la dirección que realmente deseas en la vida.

¿Necesitas un poco de ayuda con tu mapa de objetivos?

Puede hacer clic en el siguiente enlace para descargar un planificador semanal para sus objetivos. este es un método simple más fácil, esto es perfecto para una ventaja inicial. sin embargo, también puede comprar muy pronto mi bood “The Ultimate Fit and Happy Book” donde hablaré con más detalles sobre cómo establecer un objetivo, más puntos a tener en cuenta y un diario completo.

Baja tu mapa para crear tus metas aqui:

Goal Map Plan

Who is Fit Steph?


     Hi there! I’m Stephanie L. Lopez, I am a 30 year old vegan single mom of a 9 and 8 year old boys and a 2 year old girl.  I absolutely love fitness!  I am passionate about cooking and baking which goes great with my healthy fit lifestyle.  I lived in Virginia for two years but now I’m back in Puerto Rico.   As a young mom, I know how hard it can be to know which recipes are the most healthiest for you and your kids, and also how hard is to get motivated and make some time to go to the gym, especially if you are a single mom and have to pay gym memberships and personal trainers.  I had to learn on my own how to eat healthy and workout on my home without any personal trainers. But today I want to make it easier for you and share all my tricks on how I did it and give you affordable offers that suit you and your family.  The road to happiness starts from the inside out.  This is the happiest I had ever been and I want to help you feel motivated to achieve your dreams, whether it is as a person, a professional, a new fitness level, a new  healthy eating habit or simply be happy.


What do I offer?

I want to share and give you the latest health, wealth and fitness news feeds, recipes ideas, workouts and I will be offering online wealth, nutrition and workout training on a adjustable budget.  Everything will be on the comfort of your home at your time and your rhythm, but I am going to be with you on every step of the way keeping you on track and motivated as your coach and with the support of the right community of people who are just as imperfect as you but get up every day and make their health goals happen.  You deserve happiness, health and the freedom to do whatever you want.



Welcome to your new website !

Fit Steph teaches a deferent way to see your health.   Being healthy is a lot more that just have the absence of an illness, its also a lifestyle that involves a complete physical, mental and social well being.  Fit Steph understands the tremendous influence that social media has on the human behavior so I will be giving you tips, tricks, information, recipes and guide you on how to have a healthy lifestyle full of new experiences and most important be happy.

15 Minutes hiit workout

I figure this is the best time to start posting workouts that are going to make you sweat like crazy, burn a ton of calories and that you can do at home. During the next couple of weeks I am going to share a few workouts for you to do at home during quarantine of COVID19.

I did this workout at my living room with no equipment at all.


Do 40 seconds of each workout and 20 seconds rest before you start the next one.
All five workouts completes one circle.

Repeat circuit 3 times.
Start steady then get intense/faster on the next circuit and go as fast as you can on the last one!

1️⃣ Jumping squats (jump as high as you can)
2️⃣ Mountain 🏔 Climbers 🧗‍♂️ (get knee higher as you go each circuit)
3️⃣ Standing Oblique Crunches (20 seconds each side)
4️⃣ Basketball 🏀 Jumps (get that ball and jump girl)
5️⃣ Squat Hip Rotation
You will be sweating 💦💦💦 like crazy 😜

Enjoy Your Vacations, Stay Healthy

Spring is almost there but road trips and vacations are all year long! Today I want to share a few tips for you to stay healthy during your road trips, flights or at your stay. If health is important for you as it is for me then you want to keep some tricks on your sleeves to stay as healthy as you can during your vacation.

Fuel Before You Leave

If you are taking a trip, specially a long one, then you want to make sure you eat well before you leave the house.  The best way you can do this is by making sure you have a complete balanced meal to get your daily need of nutrients for your day and stay energized, fulled and enjoy the journey. 

A good meal helps you to stay satisfied and keeps you from reaching for junk food on the pick stops or at the airport.  

Remember that you meal must have:

  • 1-2 cupped hands of carbs
  • 1-2 thumbs of fats
  • 1-2 palms of protein
  • 1-2 fists of vegetables

Once you out of the house you can make sure to take with you some fresh fruits, yogurts, protein bar, grilled veggies or nuts.


Need help staying fueled on the go? I got you!

Whether your are on a road trip, or on a long trip to the airport or your vacation rental, you will very likely crave something on the way.  Usually we stop on a gas station, but they don’t have many great healthy options for us, however, if you take a good look around, there a few things that can still work on your favor. 

If we take in consideration our nutritional needs we could opt for:

  • Proteins: Protein bars
  • Carbs: Fresh fruits or crackers
  • Fats: Nuts or nut butters
  • Veggies: Take some from home like carrots or broccoli.

You can also take some homemade goodies such as your protein bar, meals or quick salads. 

Eat While You Fly

Long road trips, long hours of wait in the airport and then, more hours of traveling on the plane and you are just to hungry to wait or simply it is snack time.   First thing I would recommend is that once you enter the security area on the airport, go do a search for healthy meals or snacks for you to take with you on your flight, that way you can make sure you not only will have something to eat there but that it will be healthier or according to your eating lifestyle.  

But if for any reason didn’t had time to buy something on the airport then try asking for the menu or tapas box options.  They often provide snacks and nuts that you can pick and get some OJ or water to keep you fuller for longer.  

Your Stay: Making It Feel Like Home

If you are staying at a hotel or a Air BNB there are a few things you want to make sure to have so you can stay healthier and save some money on food out and have what you need at any moment you get hungry or need a snack while in the room.  

  • Search for places that has a mini-fridge so you can buy milk, yogurt and some fresh fruits.
  • Most Air BNB comes now days with a kitchenette which it is much better because you can save even more money by making your own meals at your stay and use that money to have fun out.  Also, you will be making sure you are eating healthier.
  • Check out for near by farmers markets and grocery stores to get your goodies.
  • If want to save time in the kitchen while in vacation then try to do some easy meal prep on the first day of your vacay.  You can  season your meals ahead.You can peal and chop your fruits and veggies.You can measure your recipes and save them in separate bowls. 

No matter what you choose or what set backs happens on the way, always make sure to enjoy the moment, enjoy your vacations, enjoy the company you’re with and enjoy whatever meal you get on your trip.

You will eventually go back home and be able to keep your healthy eating habits, no need for frustrations, bad memories or hard judgements. Have fun!


Tired of paying several memberships and buying two or three journals and caring them everywhere?
Tired of not knowing what to cook? To waste time looking for recipes? Of missing ingredients every time you start cooking?
Are you tired of not having a workout schedule? Paying for gym memberships? For not having support?

Need a community that gets you, understands you, and has the same mindful lifestyle that you are on?

Then MINDFUL EATING is for you!

Mindful Eating is a membership website where you will get EVERYTHING you need to live a mindful healthy lifestyle in ONE PLACE!
Yes, you can now have,
Health, Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness
in ONE place.


I know where I have been all this time?! But truth is I was exactly where you are now and as soon I got tired of spending so much money on my health and wellness as a single mamma of three I decided to make a change for myself and for all ladies out there having the same issues that I was having.
Every month you will get:

  • Personal coaching by me.
  • Healthy recipes ideas.
  • Workout plan with photos and videos on how to do it.
  • Printable PDF’s of all your meals and workouts so you can take them with you to the grocery store or gym.
  • Monthly mindful kits where I teach you new skills to master your mindful lifestyle.
  • Access to my library with all the books, movies and resources that I use or recommend to a healthy mindful lifestyle.
  • FREE access to my book club.
  • FREE access to our private FB group and IG account.
  • Special discounts on Stephanie’s Wellness Shop and all my Arbonne products.


You WANT save your spot by joining our waiting list NOW because:

  • Doors will be open for LIMITED time ONLY.
  • Price will go UP as soon as doors close and will NEVER be that low again.
  • Spaces are LIMITED.
    Go to to join the waiting list and save that spot NOW.

Go towww.amindfuleating.comto join the waiting list and save that spotNOW.


New year started and with it a whole new 12 months recap follow with a new year goal setting, however when I noticed my last year achievement I was very disappointed at myself.  My 2019 ended being way low that my epic 2018 and I was going back into depression mood and my anxiety was taking a huge toll on my health.  I noticed I wasn’t following my routines anymore, I wasn’t eating healthy anymore and I was literally sick with constant menstruation, my head was spinning, I was tired all the time, and I was having serious chest pains.

I knew that I needed to make a change immediately or I will go back to the place I was years ago and that is not an option.  So I implemented a plan that was going to get me back to where I was in 2018 because I have way to many epic plans for this year and I need to be in my best game ever.  Now, a month later I am back on track, still got some work to do, but I am so much better now that I need to share with you what I do so you can be in your best shape ever with me.

So as you read I focus on two things:

  • My mental health
  • My physical health

These two are very important to me because a healthy mind means a healthy body which means healthy and happy Stephanie.

My Mental Health


Mental health is my first priority even though I love to keep it in balance with my physical health.  A healthy mind is key for me to have the skills I need to get up, start moving and get things done.  If I don’t have my mind on my A game, I would be feeling down (emotionally) and would not have the motivation and courage I need to do the things that needs to be done.

Now for this to happen I focus on a few things that are an absolute NON-NEGOTIABLE, they must be done no matter what happens, no matter how I am feeling, they MUST be done.  This is my morning routine, this is extremely important because it sets my mood for the rest of the day.  If I don’t make sure my morning starts great and relaxed I will not have the mental energy to get started on my day, and the things I do because I have no other choice of like get kids ready for school and go to work, then they will be done without any motivation, energy, love, etc.

My morning routines consist of my waking up at least 2 hours before any of my kids do, specially my 3 year old.  Why? Because I need to be able to do things with zero interruption and keeping my focus 100% to myself. 

What I do during this time? 

  • I wake up at 5 AM
  • I meditate for 30-40 minutes
  • I read one chapter of a book, while sipping on a hot cup of coffee.
  • I journal writing down three things I am grateful for, my top 3 goals for the day and my future self (my one year goal)

For me meditation, reading and journaling are my most do.  

  • Meditation helps me to focus on myself, to see me more deeply and to connect with my inner self, my magical holistic self.  During my meditation I also set intentions and visualize, feel, smell and live my future self, so I can have a clear vision and feeling of what I am doing and why Im doing it, it is my mental motivation.  
  • Reading is very important as well because it helps me to keep my mind in the present.  Because I am reading I can’t think much about anything else, so I make sure that I read things that passionate’s me, that moves and makes sparkle every cell of my body so I can stay in my book and not on what I am going to do during the day or what happened the day before.  
  • Using a bullet journal is very helpful to keep things on print, so you can go back and remember great things because I always make sure I write three things I am grateful for including something so small and simple like the pen I used to write that, or the cup where I am drinking my coffe, etc.  It helps me realize that I have things I didn’t before and wanted, and that life is always good.  I also write about positive things that had happened to me that day or the day before so I can see that life is good.  Then I write my future self so I can stay focus and always remember the goal while doing my tasks during the rest of my day.

Doing these things get me so exited and in the mood for my day and I always nail it.  It helps me to be focus, a leader and the best mom I can be to my kids.  

Last thing I do to keep my mental health in shape is to journal back at night, and focus only on the positives and then see what things were not that great, why it happened and what I can do to make that better next time.  I also love to take my mind out in the late afternoon by walking down to the beach, watch the sunset, watch a movie with the kids and whatever makes me relax and have fun.  


A few weeks after I started making changes on my mental and physical routines I noticed that something was still missing but couldn’t realize what it was. As I kept reading books I was getting the answer but I didn’t hit me until a few days ago.

I noticed that even though I was feeling and looking so much better I was lacking the feeling of empowerment, I didn’t felt love and passion for what I was doing even though I do love it. Then, I finish reading “Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza and started to read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and BOOM! I got it, I needed to make changes on the way I think.

Why it didn’t hit me before? I know this! This is what I teach on my new membership website. But I noticed I am teaching the power of thoughts when it comes to self love and food but had not applied it on career and empowerment wise. So I decided to make changes like treating my business like I would treat other job.

You see I work from home sitting down on my desktop or my phone, which means I don’t need to dress up or do my makeup to work. This is an amazing gift but it can give you the lack of empowerment as well like it happened to me. So I decided to as soon as a finish my morning routine and workouts, to go take a shower and GET READY, like if I am going to work on a outside office.

I get dressed, put my blazer to feel like a boss, I generate those bossy feelings, I do my hair, my make up and I treat my business like other bosses will treat their office business. I changed my thoughts into I am, I must, I am working on it, etc. I think about positivism and don’t add limitations, but’s or impossible to my vocabulary. I generate the positive feelings or empowerment with those thoughts, if I am working out I generate that feeling of love and think about how amazing it is that I am taking care of my amazing body, or, if I am writing a new article or blog, I generate feelings of excitement, of love and care about what I am about to share and get that bad ass boss feeling with my bossy blazer on.

What feelings do you need to generate?
How do you need to feel about your meal?
How do you need to feel and treat your workout routines?
How do you need to feel about your future healthy and empowered self?

My Physical Health

The next thing I focus on is my physical health, this is very important because being in a good shape and in perfect health condition keeps me moving, energized and focus on my daily tasks.  Not just that but diet is what sets the rest of the mood for your day since most of your immune system lives in your gut and what you eat influences in your mind performance and your energy levels.  If I eat crappy foods with almost to zero nutrients my mind will be foggy, my body will be tired and I would not have the creativity and attention to perform any of my personal tasks as well of my professional ones.

As soon as I finish my mindset routine I go ahead and have a tablespoon of peanut butter or eat a banana to get energy to do my workout.  This is my second most important thing (first diet) when it comes to my physical health, working out.  I always make sure that I workout at least four times a week even though I aim for five days.  I divide my routines between leg day, upper body day and abs day, then I have some type of cardio twice a week.  

As soon as I finish my workout I always make sure to have a good breakfast in the morning, but, I am not a big fan of cooking and complicating my life in the mornings since they are the most active part of my day.  What I do is that I make a powerful smoothie where I make sure it meets all my nutrition needs.  

For lunch I go with a healthy dish as well for dinner, but my dinners are lower in calories and more light.  If by any change I feel hungry before bed I go for a tea to fill my stomach and stay light or if it is not to close to bed time, which is around 9 PM then I’ll make a simple protein shake using my Protein Shake Mix.  

I can not say this enough, MY LIFE HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED, ever since I started to implement these routines into my life BACK AGAIN! I feel amazing from the inside out, I am super energized during my day, my skin is not breaking down, my body looks and feels strong, and I am super energized, focus, joyful and full of gratefulness.  I love life, I love my body and I love food.  

Take the time to check out what is not working for you, and then think all the things you need to start implementing to get your mental and physical health back on shape.  It is worth EVERYTHING! I am not only more productive but I spend more time with my kids and have the energy and love that it takes to be your best with three kiddos.  Then make a plan, and take action, I made a plan and took action:

  • I wake up early
  • I do my self care morning routine
  • I take care of my body by working out.
  • I take care of my health by eating healthy. 
  • I take walks around the neighborhood
  • I enjoy nature
  • I seat down and watch Netflix with my kids, because life is one and we need to enjoy it.  


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New year is here along with a new decade and it is my favorite time to reflect on my past twelve month and see where did I did great and where I need to make changes to get where I want to be in the future.  This is when I noticed that I needed to make some serious changes on my habits, not just because I want to experiment new things but because I used to have certain habits in order and my life was doing great, however, somehow I stopped doing these habits and found my self suffering from mental health again in addition to my physical health and business suffering the consequences as well.

Why change my habits? because I know that that’s going to be the things that will get things moving and changing for good.  This is the first step to take to change things that does not goes well with my goals, my values, my mental and physical health and with the growth of my career and business.  So today I am sharing with you why are habits so important, how can you start making changes and what are my top most have habits to date.  


Habits have the power to shape the way you live your life, they are strong, they grow over time and they are there without even noticing them.  The purpose of habits is to facilitate doing tasks without over thinking of them all day, but the problem is that your brain can’t recognize the difference between a good or a bad habit, so, if you are performing bad habits then you can be in serious trouble and not even now why.  Habits is made by half our your daily actions, they are predetermined by context, performed unconsciously.

” More than 45% of the actions you perform during your day aren’t actual decisions, but habits.”

Habits get encoded in the structure of your brain, saving you time and effort, and making your brain to fully stop participating in the decision you are making.  Habits are basically the automation of your actions, it frees you up from wasting energy than can be now used on other tasks.  Automation of your habits are essential for our well being, its a natural evolutionary sense that we have for our survival.  

Habits creates neurological cravings and allows a behavior  to active a trigger so you can be rewarded by the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain.  Your brain utilizes 20% of the oxygen you inhale, so by making an automatic decision, you are saving energy, and can be used for your physical and other mental functions. 

Your habits are everything you do, think, and say, this means that everything you think about after a situation, will be the thing you will think about every time this happens, by example, if you ate a cookie and then think about how horrible to are and can’t control your mouth, you already imprinted that thought in your brain, and every time you eat something you are “not” supposed to eat, you automatic thought will be how horrible you are.  

Trigger: Contextual details which your brain has previously associated with a habit.  
    A place, a time of your day, a person, a emotion.

Behavior/Habit: It can be actions performed externally or reactive patterns of thought.
    Watch TV, eat, smoke, bite your nails, etc.

Reward: It reinforce a habit, causes your brain to strengthen the associated links between the trigger and the behavior.  
    The pleasure chemicals releases in the brain. Now, the habit loop is reinforced.


Now habits are a great thing, I mean, if you have to be conscious of all of the millions of micro decision you have to make every single day, you would always be frustrated, exhausted, and we would never get anywhere and get anything done.

Now if you have taken the time during this blog to analyze some of your habits and realize that there are some that need instant attention and change, then I have good news for you, you have the power to not only recognize habits but also can change them.  All habits can be ignored, change or replaced, however it can be hard to change them, specially the ones that have been part of your day for months or even years, because these habits are way to imprinted in your brain.  

You need to see our habits clearly and recognize them without shame or judgment, other wise you won’t be able to start making changes or at least the right ones.  Seeing clearly your habits and the choices you made can help you to find out new ways to change those habits.  The choices you made today, will determine the choices that will be made by you tomorrow, this means if you choose to eat a cookie today, then you have increased the chances of eating another cookie tomorrow.  

Try to change habits by using the same trigger, but changing the routine, but making sure that will provide the same reward.  We need to take control of every step we take, to consciously choose with thoughts, actions and behavior you want to become habits.  Changing a habit takes commitment, willpower and an unwavering desire to overcome your bad habits that are not serving you any good at all.   


So how did I started to change my habits in the first place? Well, let me share what worked for me the first time and I am implementing now again, and has worked every time for me.

  •  I started by taking serous notes of everything I did during my day, every important decision I made, everything I ate, and write down every time I had a negative and positive thought and what trigger that.
  • On another paper I wrote down what are the habits I needed to implement to start my dream life, think positively and feel great.  
  • Now, I check my first list and see which habits did not serve any purpose at all for me, my life, my business and my relationships.  By example, did waking up at 7 AM, helped me achieve my top to do list? Does watching two or three episodes of a new show did any good? Did I really had that time to do nothing? Did not writing a to do list or a grocery list helped me to save time? Did thinking about how horrible I am about eating a cookie really helped me feel better or to stop eating another cookie the next day? For me they didn’t so I started to draw a line in the middle of those habits so I now know that they need to be eliminated.
  • Now I check what I need to implement and put them somewhere and/or fill the new free time I had from the things I eliminated.  By example, I now can make the conscious decision to wake up at 5 AM so I can take care of my self care routine before kids are up, now I can use those extra two hours from watching TV to organize my home, or study, or now I think that it is okay to eat that cookie and that I need to be aware of simply not eating another one the next day or replace it with a fresh fruit to stop the craving. 
  • Write them down and make them part of your schedule, if you put them in your calendar you will be more likely to perform them.  Set alarms for positive affirmations, to drink more water, to take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing, etc.  You can also write notes on post-it notes and put them in your mirrors or door fridge to remind yourself of them, until you had automatically change your old habit for a new one. 


  • Waking up two hours before my kids.
  • Read one book every week.
  • Read one chapter or a book first thing in the morning. 
  • Journal every morning and every night.
  • Meditate 15 minutes in the mornings and in the nights.
  • Workout at least five times a week.
  • Have one date night with my kids once a week.
  • Have 2 hours of family time at night.
  • Eat mostly at home and healthy.
  • Go outside and watch nature, hear the animals and wind.
  • Walk barefoot.
  • Not check emails or text’s before 9:00 AM
  • Reflect about my day, and name five positive things that happened. 
  • Write down three things I am grateful for every morning.
  • Think about what negative thoughts I could change on a positive way.

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Live Intentionally

Have you ever asked yourself ” I’m I living Intentionally? Do I Wake Up This Morning with Intention? Over the last couple of years I have become a book addict, and it is funny because I used to hate reading, I didn’t read a book in my life until I was 28 years old! I was on a really rough time in my life when this book appear in front of me, and the tittle caught my attention and I immediately knew it was a gift that the universe was putting in from of me to grab and take, that moment my life started to change, I became a book reader.  However the books I read are not based on fiction, they have to be inspiring books or have some self care or self growth books, something that will help me to learn, grow and become a better human every day and most importantly how to live intentionally, how to find my purpose and live my legacy. 

One thing I loved about these books is that they almost always make me think, they make me ask questions, and improve my self.  For years I felt like something was missing in my life, I had not purpose, I had no drive to live my dreams, to live my life intentionally and books helped me to find my purpose, I learned to live intentionally, a very powerful and beautiful feeling. 

We tend to live like robots, on the go, go, go! and we don’t live with any intention whatsoever, we are hustling all day every day and not enjoying the moment, the present, life.  When we live with intention, everything in our lives makes sense, we feel full, we feel joy, we feel happiness and today I want to help you to find your purpose and live intentionally.


To find your purpose you need to start asking your self these questions: Why?
Why are you here now, why do you fell the way you do now
– Why do you want to make a change
– Why do you want to find your purpose, etc. 

The more you ask why the deeper you will get to finding your purpose.  I usually find one deep core why question like “Why do I want to do this” and then when I answer that question, I go ahead and ask why to that answer, and again, after I answer I go again and ask why of that answer.  

Usually when we answer these questions for the fist time we tent to not go very deep about it, we give superficial answers, general answers, and we don’t see the better picture, but when we go at least seven steps deeper we can even find ourselves crying.  

How To Do The Seven Why’s

Ask your main question: Why do you want to live intentionally? 

  1. Why do I want to live intentionally, Stephanie? ANSWER
  2. Why do you (your answer in question 1 in a question)? ANSWER
  3. Why do you (your answer in question 2 in a question)? ANSWER
  4. Why do you (your answer in question 3 in a question)? ANSWER
  5. Why do you (your answer in question 4 in a question)? ANSWER
  6. Why do you (your answer in question 5 in a question)? ANSWER
  7. Why do you (your answer in question 6 in a question)? ANSWER

Now that you have clear your why you can start to set values that will go in harmony with your why.  If we don’t define our values we will make miss steps that will take us in a whole other direction than the one we want to go.  Values helps us to make choices, the right choices, and live purposely.  You can read more about values clicking here. 

Some examples of some great values are:

self respect
team work

again if you want to read more and get my complete list of values you can click here and print your values.  


Now that you know your why and have your values clear it is time to get organized and set some systems.  The first thing we need to get in order is our home, a clutter dirty home will fog your judgment, make you feel tired, sad and not focus.  Everything is energy, your home has it’s own energy and we have our own energy and we need to learn to make those waves vibrate in harmony together.  When one of these things are not in balance it will affect the rest and this applies to our homes.  Bad energy get’s stuck in clutter and dirt and we absorb that energy so it is very important to practice organization and create a system to keep them on track.

Every three months (year quarters) I declutter my entire house, my electronic devices, etc.  Every week I do a deep cleaning in my house and electronic devices.Every day I practice a quick 15 minutes cleaning or organization in my house as well.  Give every single thing in my home a place (cloths, shoes, tools, etc. EVERYTHING need a place) and be organized by categories (office, bedding, kids stuff, etc.).No phones in the first and last hour of the day.  

This helps to keep the house in order and not to accumulate stuff that will makes us turn around every time we go to clean.  I love waking up in the mornings into a organize home so I can go get my coffee, grab my book, seat down to read, journal and practice meditation.  By the time I finished my morning self care routine I am super clear and pumped to start my day full with insane gratitude and fully intentional not to mention I won’t waste time looking for stuff that I have no idea where I store it. 

Check your habits, which ones are not helping you to live intentionally, and which ones you need to implement.  Write them down and make it happen.  I created the habit of reading, of doing my bed, of journaling and then created a ritual to make sure I do them.  Every morning I wake up and do a self care routine in the first hour of my day as well as I have my own routine in the last hour of my day, this helps me to come back to the present, live the moment, feel my body, be grateful, health and recharge.  


Now take action sister! Ask yourself what you need to do to get started and go where you want to be and get started.  We have dreams and sometimes we do  know what we need to do  but we live with fear and we stop ourselves.  It is time to let that shit go and get going, we can’t let fear stop our dreams, and let the “what if..” negativity rule our lives. 

Nothing is easy, if it was everybody will be living their dream life and serving their purpose, they don’t understand that failure is not a bad thing, it is a great lesson learned, is that 25 pound weight that you lift that hurts at first, but in a near future will make you stronger and easy to lift.  If something goes wrong simply ask “What did I learned from this? How I’m I stronger now? What can I do differently? and keep moving baby.”  

Live the moment, savor the present, enjoy the journey and live YOUR purpose, not someone else’s, they need to live their own purpose, everybody has their own journey and you need to live yours.  What do you need to do today to start living intentionally?


How To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

Holidays are here and delicious food is with it! But did you knew that most people gain around 5-10 pounds during the holidays? I know it might not sound a lot but the problem is that those extra pounds usually do not go away, in fact it stays there and then have new extra pounds with then during the next holidays.  However it is the holidays, we should feel free to indulge a little without feeling guilty or deprive yourself from that delicious dessert and today I am sharing with you some tips on how to stay healthier during your holidays while still enjoying the deliciousness that it comes with it.


One of the problems we have is that we don’t control the amount of food we eat.  We go to the parties and go nuts serving our meals because we are hungry.  To avoid feeling that hungry the best recommendation is to drink lots and lots of water.  I mean water is not only good for you but helps to detoxify your body, maintain your glow and it will help to keep you fuller. 

Before going to any party or dinner drink a good glass of water at least 30 minutes before so that way you won’t overfeed yourself during meal time.  Last drink water at least every two hours, specially if we are drinking more than usual, it will again, keep you full but also hydrated.  


If you are going to a party and know there will be lots of unhealthy meals, make sure you did ate at least two hours before the party.  Notice I didn’t say right before the party, because we do want to enjoy the food as well with everybody else, we just want to make sure we are not starving so we can control the amount of food we will consume. 

Our family has the habit of not eating before the family reunion starts so they go to the party starving and go nuts with the food, can’t blame them, they been waiting a whole year to eat that arroz con gandules y pasteles, but we are harming our bodies by over feeding it. 

By making sure you ate two hours before the party you are keeping your stomach fuller so by the time the party comes, you will eat, but not go insane with the food serving size.  Plus if you took our first tip of drinking water right before getting out of your house, your chances of not over eating will be higher.  


If you are concern that having at least one healthy dish will be a problem, then offer to take something yourself.  By taking a meal you are making sure there will be something that you will feel guilt free because you can make it, yes, delicious but also healthier. 

Notice I said healthier because It does not have to be a 100% healthy dish, it just need to have it’s little swaps that will make that dish at least 75-80% healthy so you can go for that smash potatoes and pie.  


If you want to make sure that whatever you serve it’s mostly good then start by choosing any vegetables that there’s on the table and any other healthier dish that they are offering. 

Usually we go for carbs first and the first things we choose are the ones we get in bigger proportions, so making sure that you plate is almost full with veggies you are ensuring that you won’t have way to many calories in that meal and that you do have some healthy options in there.


Look I love carbs, they are the most delicious thing in the planet, but because we love them so much we need to keep an eye on them.  As I mentioned before we tend to choose carbs first but not only that, but they are the ones served in the biggest proportion. 

Carbs should not take more than a fourth of your plate, if you want to grab that piece of bread then go ahead, but don’t exaggerate by going for two or three pieces plus getting that smash potatoes with it.  If you choose to take two carbs then make sure you take small amounts of each.


Another way to not over eat during the holidays and keep consuming your nutrients is by having your snacks faithfully.  Snacks if chosen right are loaded with nutrients, something most of the holidays meals won’t have and you absolutely need, but also keeps you feeling full for longer, which will help you to not over eat during the holiday parties. 

Need some snacks ideas, click here to download and print your snacks ideas to keep them next to your pantry.  


Keeping those extra ten pounds out of your body can be easy if you stay active during the holidays.  This does not have to be a gym membership, you can do 10-12 minutes HIIT cardio at home, go walk in the neighborhood, take a good walk in the mall, park far away, take the stairs, etc.  Whatever is going to make you work and sweat a little bit, go for it! 


Whatever it is that you eating don’t forget to eat mindfully. There’s nothing more important and beautiful than enjoining each bite of your meal, specially now in the holidays when we are having dinners with friends and family.

Stay away from the phone, eat slowly, and savor those veggies, those carbs and yes, that dessert. Eating slowly and consciously will not only help you to not over eat, but to eat while feeling joy, no guilt’s, just you, your delicious food and your friends and family creating beautiful memories.



New year’s coming and with that a whole new goal setting session, but truth is that not everybody has a plan for achieving their goals, as a matter of a fact some may have some goals, but they never write them down, achieve them and worst yet they don’t have a plan so they are clear on the steps they need to take action to check mark those goals.  It is a fact that when creating goals for new year, for personal growth, career growth and whatever you set goals for you need to:

  • Write them down
  • Read them daily
  • Create a plan

But if you don’t know how to do any of these steps keep reading because I am about to guide you on how to set goals and create a plan, plus, I am giving you a FREE goal mapper to make your goal setting even more easier.  

Step 1: Reflect

If you are serious about your goals, you must start by reflecting on your past, your present and then create you future.  Take a moment to assess your weaknesses, your strengths, your leanings, your mistakes, your wins, your environment, your feelings, your emotions, you why, etc.  Why do you want to achieve that goal? What make you want it? How are you feeling right now? Why are you feeling that way? What happened that you feel like you need a change? What can you do different, keep, add and eliminate? 

Sometimes we say we want something but we don’t even know why we want it , but you really need to know your current situation so you can be clear on your why and what is the next step to take.  Doing this step will give you clarity, will give you a better understanding of your current situation and what you want, will help you to get motivated, and will give you a clear action plan on what you need to accomplish to improve your actual situation.  

Step 2: Write and Read

One big mistake that people do when setting a goal is that they keep it in their mind and never write them down.  It has been proven that about 95% of the  people that don’t write down their goals quit before 90 days of setting that goal, as a matter of a fact more than half quit before next 30 days.  It is very important to write your goals down, but what it is most important is to read them DAILY and write them down DAILY as well, and that 5% of the people who wrote them down, only 1-2% of them read them and write them daily, and those are the ones that achieve their goals.  

I know, shocking! But effective AF! Go ahead and grab a notebook just for your daily goal writing.  Every morning when I wake up I grab my notebook, write my ultimate 5 year goal at least five times and then, to be more effective yet, I write them again before bed time.  But it is very important to read them after you finish writing them.  If you feel like five is too much, first of all, reaching our goals is priceless, and writing is free, and second if you still feel meh about it, then start writing it one or two times and go up as time pass by.  I actually read once about a very successful author that he writes his goals 15 times morning and night.  

Step 3: Be Specific AF

Now that we know what we want it is time to be specific about it.  One thing that people do (I was the first one) is that write general goals, by example I wanted to be my own boss, but… never write a boss about what business? Oh yeah fitness! But what exactly do I want to focus on? Gym workouts,  home workouts or both? I want to also share recipes! But… which recipes? Keto diet, vegan diet, paleo diet, etc? Do I want to focus on females alone or both? Okay only females, but, what age range do I want to focus on?

It is important that as we start setting a goal, we also start to write it down to very specific things.  I call this the triangle effect, where we see the very top pick as the ultimate goal, but we brake it down into a more specific levels on the way down.  

Do you want to lose weight? Then how much you want to lose? By when you want to lose it? What diet you want to follow?  How many times a day you will eat? Are you working out at home or the gym? Are you paying personal trainer? Downloading a app or just workout as you go? … again, be specific and write down as many details you can.  

Step 4: Brainstorm

Now that you are very clear and specific on what you want it is time to brainstorm.  Grab a paper and write down what things you need to do, implement, eliminate, how you want to feel, etc, then start measuring.  What you need to do to track your progress, what are your numbers, yous statistics, targets, etc.  

An example will be; 
– Okay I want to be my own boss so that one go on the top. 
– Then what I need to be my boss? Well start a blog! 
– What do I need to start my blog? Create a website.
– What platforms I can use for my website? WordPress.
– What do I do after creating my website? Pay an expert to do it? or don’t have the budget? So take tutorials on YouTube (they also provide tutorials, they are very helpful, I did my websites alone.)
– How can I promote my website? Using social media.
– Okay, do you have social media? Want to use your personal one or create a business one? 
– How many times do I want to post? Once a day
– What theme do I want to use for my branding? Minimalism with white, black and gold colors.

See what I did? I started to go down and specific as fuck! 

Step 5: Create Your Map

Now that you know what you need to do, organize your ideas and set a time for them.  How you do this? Well start with the ultimate 3-year goal so you can know where you going, then go down to the one year goal, what is the most important thing you must have achieve one year from now? In my case is to have my website up with at least 60 blogs and a email list.  

So what you need to do in the first quarter?  Top 3 goals
I need to open my website.
I need to open social media pages.
I need to load all the app that will help me to make content creation appalling and easy.

Okay what you need to do on month one? Top 3 goals
– Open the website and design it (because opening and designing a website takes time I will not add more things to add, I am being realistic about my time frame and one month to build a website is okay for me since I have no idea of what I am going to do or get started)

What I need to do on month two? Top 3 goals
– Create my first three blogs! 
– Download canva to create social media templates.
– Open social media pages and share my content.

What do I need to do on month three? Top 3 goals
– Create three new blogs.
– Create my first freebe and promote it on FB ads.
– Do a Q&A to know if my content is helping my audience.

Now do the same for the second and third quarter of the year. Remember to be specific and realistic, don’t do something if you know is to extreme for that time line but also feel free to challenge yourself.

Now I have give you examples of my career wise but this can be for as many things you want such as your health, weight goals, wellness goals etc.  Some of the other things I implemented on my goals are:

  • Be more focus: how can I do this? by eating healthier, meditate, and working out.
  • Eat healthier: How can I do this? By reducing sodas and juices for water, cooking at home more often, adding more greens on my meals, etc.
  • Get back at my workouts: How can I do this? By working out at least three times first 1-2 weeks and then go up to four days and then to 6 days.  
  • Be more mindful: How can I do this? By breathing, journaling, meditating, gratitude, going outside, etc.  
  • Want to lose weight? What’s the ultimate weight loss? What you want to achieve the first month? The second month? etc.  

    Again, I made a plan on how to do these things and created a timeline for each step, and go down to more and more specific points. Ask yourself:
  • Why I need to do this?
  • How is going to help me?
  • What I need to keep doing?
  • What I need to eliminate?
  • What do I need to add?
  • What habits or routines I need to start?
  • What new character traits I need to develop?

    The questions list can be unlimited, it all depends on your goals and your current situation.

Step 6: Get Started!

It is time to break the ice and start being epic and get shit done.  Push yourself and challenge your self but if something does not go as planned, it’s okay. First month, quarter and even year is a trial game, you see what works and doesn’t work and then as you go on you can make adjustments that are realistic to your specific situation.  What matters here is to get started!

But please don’t forget to live in the moment, yes, be focus on your future, but don’t forget the present, it is the only thing we have secured and it’s what matter the most.  Enjoy the journey you are in, enjoy the new wins, every step taken, reward your self for them and learn from every set back (don’t judge, hate or give up). Be kind to yourself, be open minded, stay focused and do a weekly, monthly and yearly reflection.

Need help on how to create your map? I got you! Here is a one year goal mapper divided by your three quarters, a reflection for each one and then a monthly plan.  It is FREE so get your copy and start planning your new year and what’s coming for you this new decade.  

Want to set goals with a group of like minded ladies who will understand, support and love you in the mindful lifestyle? Then Mindful Eating is for you! I am opening a membership website where every month I will give you mindful workshops, meal plan with recipes and workout plan.  Your membership will also include one live Q+A, one live goal setting session, a library and library club and more!  Mindful Eating is a website where you will get everything you need to live a healthy and happy lifestyle mindfully. 

You will also get private fb group, access to a private our IG account where I will share daily tips and live weekly recaps, intentions, and more along with me cooking some recipes live, etc.  I have open a waiting list where you can save your spot before it gets full because it will be limited spots and doors will be open for a few weeks only.  Not just that but price will go up as soon as doors close so you want to take advantage of this offer now.  No payments until open date, just save your spot and get all the insights of whats happening on the website and behind the scenes peeks.  To read more and save your spot go to WWW.AMINDFULEATING.COM and can’t wait to meet you more.

Is Oils Really Healthy?

The other day I was scrolling down on my Instagram and saw a post about what vegans don’t eat and that included oils.  I was surprised, oil-free? I’m vegan and didn’t know we supposed to eat without oils or at least that the big vegan experts do.

Of course this post did caused some controversy and the influencer had to give it a little love to the post and inform why vegans have a big NO on oils and I was shock even though it did made sense.  After doing some extra research on my self about this topic I had to share my findings with you today and let you decide if you should eliminate or reduce oils from your diet.

Usually when we hear about healthy fats we think about oils such as olive, avocado and coconut, and in some part they are way better for our health than other oils and animal products, but truth is that all oils are just highly processed foods and the only type of fat that is healthy for us are those that are found naturally in whole foods. 

The Facts

Oils are not a whole food, it is low or nutrient free, it is extremely processed, it is 100% fat and it is the worlds most calorie dense food.  Oil is insanely dense in calories, like 4,000 calories per pound insane, this means that when you drizzle a tablespoon of oil into your frying pan or into your salad you already adding 120 calories to your meal, this means that oil can make a significant change on your weight goals.  To be more exact one pound of vegetables have around 100 calories, one pound of fruits have 300 calories and one pound of oil have 4,000 calories.  

When you consume fats in the shape of oils, (including avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) your body absorbs them rapidly and efficiently, and it is converted in body fat.  However when you consume the fat in it’s whole food such as avocados, nuts, seeds and coconut, the body absorbs them way slower (fats are absorbed in minutes, whole foods in hours) and your body will burn the fat for energy without storing it.  Another insane fact about foods is that the more calorie dense it is, the less room will take on your stomach, this means that to get full you will have to consume more food and if it is full of oils the calories intake will be insane.  

Is not a Whole Food

Oil is an extremely processed substance where almost all of the natural nutrients and fiber where stripped away and left just with the fat.  Some oils might have some omega 3 fatty acids, however the amount of it is so ridiculously small that you really wont’t be getting any health benefits from it if you want to keep the calories down.  For you to get this fatty acid health benefits  from oil you will end up gaining weight, clog your arteries because of the huge amount of oil you will need. 

Best Eat Them Whole

The best thing you can do to get your healthy fats on your meals is to eat the fat in it’s whole shape, the food it self.  Instead of using avocado oil just eat the avocado, or instead of using coconut oil go ahead and enjoy the coconut itself.   Avocados are almost half fat, but it it trans fat free, it has no cholesterol and it only has 5g of saturated fat.  Consuming the avocado will not only be better for you, but it will help to fill your stomach, and it contains nutrients such as vitamin A, C, Iron and Calcium and of course it also contains fiber.  If you had consumed the avocado oil it self, you would had consumed a ton of calories and had no nutrients or fiber at all.  

Another way to get your healthy fats is by consuming nuts and seeds.  Nuts are full of unsaturated fats, it has omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and sterols (helps lower your cholesterol).  Seeds are also full of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein and calcium.  Consuming nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut can have many health benefits like weight loss or/and maintenance,   decreased risk of strokes and heart disease, and it can promote longevity.  

How To Cook Without Oils

There are many trick you can do to cook with less or no oil at all.  

  • Sauteing = You can use water, broth, juice, vinegar, wine, beer, tamari or even better combine any of these ingredients and make a insanely delicious meal.  You can drop from 1-2 tablespoons on a stainless steel or non-stick pan and toss those veggies and enjoy. 
  • Roasting = Use parchment paper, silicone mat or a pizza tone and your food won’t stick.  I prefer silicone mat because is better for my wallet and the planet.
  • Baking = Go for unsweetened applesauce or puree, fresh or canned fruits, smashed banana, pumpkin puree, smashed potato, silken tofu, yogurt and nut butters.  If you are not a pro in the kitchen and won’t know what would work better for your recipe then try to find recipes that are already oil free, they are everywhere not days and super easy to find.
  • Dressings and spreads = Thickened water (1 cup of water + 1 tbsp of cornstarch), Aqua Faba, ground flax or chia seed in water (1 tbsp + 1 cup of liquid) and avocado. I also use aqua faba as egg whites and heavy cream substitute, just add the water on a bowl and whip until nice and fluffy cream.

Last Words

I will recommend for you to analyze where you are with your health right now and what are you goals, if you are trying to lose some weight then you should consider to take out oils for a while.  But, if you want to maintain a healthy body weight, then you don’t have to be super strict with your diet, I personally won’t.  I think that this research have change the way I think and feel about oils and they are going to be on my bathroom pantry to keep hair and face healthy, but they are going to be mostly out of my meals.   

It is going to be hard to keep a 100% oil free die,t if I am going to be eating out on restaurants or at a friend or a family home, I want to enjoy the moment and the food that will be serve to me.  Also I love cooking and baking and if at any given moment I need my oils then I’ll go for it guilt free.  However if can start sauteing or pan frying without them, take other options on my homemade dressings and bake more recipes that are oils free which the options are endless.  

Want to find healthy recipes that are oil free? Mindful Eating will be opening it’s door really soon and you can join the waiting list now and save your spot to get the cheapest price you will ever get. To read more about what Mindful Eating is click in the here and see all the amazing benefits or joining and save your spot.

Whole Wheat Biscuits

Biscuits, we all love them, and if you are vegan like me, then you probably miss them. But I have found that I can enjoy a perfectly delicious biscuit on a plant based diet just like when I was not on it. These whole wheat biscuits are a healthier version of a vegan biscuit that will make you feel less guilt free and more happy to enjoy them.

It only took two tries before I perfected my biscuits, but only because I made a measuring mistake on one ingredient on the first try, but after trying for a second time without errors, I was a very happy baker enjoying a biscuit guilt free. If you are not a fan of whole wheat you can do them with regular flour and it will be amazing as well.

First thing I did was to grab a large bowl and sift together the flour, baking powder and baking soda, then I added the butter to the flour and and cut the butter util the pieces were even and the size of peas. In this case I used my hands but if you have a pastry cutter go ahead with it.

Recipe requires for stick of butter, I did not had any so I used regular cold butter. However texture will be better if use the sticks cubed.

Then I stir in the apple sauce and mix with a wooden spoon until combined, then added the buttermilk on small amounts until the dough came together into a sticky mass.

Now it was time to cover the dough and chill for at least 35 minutes, but you can start this process to save time for the next day and cover overnight if you desire to.

I did them for the same day so at this time I pre heated the oven at 400F, and lined a baking sheet with parchment paper. Meanwhile it was time to dust some flour on my clean counter top so I can toss the dough in it to make the biscuits shape.

The next step I did was to press dough until it was about half inch thick and with a round cutter I cut the biscuits and transfer them into the baking sheet.

Now it’s time to brush the biscuits with the melted butter.

Last I place the biscuits in the oven and baked for 25 minutes. You can brush the biscuits one more after finish baking like I did if you want more buttery ones.

Whole Wheat Biscuit


. 4 cups of whole wheat flour
. 3 tbsp of baking powder
. 2 tsp of baking soda
. 3 sticks of butter, cold, cubbed + 1/8 cup melted for brushing
. 1/2 cup of applesauce
. 1 cup of buttermilk

In a large bowl sift together the flour, baking powder and baking soda.
Using a pastry blender, add the butter to the flour and and cut the butter util the pieces are even and the size of peas.

Stir in the apple sauce and mix with a wooden spoon until combined. Now add the buttermilk on small amounts until the dough comes together into a sticky mass, it might take the whole amount or less, or it can need more which you can add in one tablespoon at a time. Cover the dough and chill for at least 35 minutes or overnight.

Pre heat the oven at 400F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Meanwhile dust some flour on a clean surface, and toss the dough. Press dough until making a shape where it is about half inch thick and with a biscuit or round cutter go ahead and cut your biscuits and transfer them into the baking sheet.

Now brush the mixture with the melted butter. Place the biscuits in the oven and bake for 15-25 minutes. You can brush the biscuits one more after finish baking if you want more buttery ones, then let the biscuits cool down.

Gut Health, The Secret Key To Absolute Health and Wellness

When we hear about healthy lifestyle we usually hear that we should eat healthy foods to achieve optimum health, but we barely hear about how important is to having a healthy gut to function, feel, and succeed well in life. Gut health is the secret key to physical and mental health and today I will be talking about what is gut health, what you need to know about it, what are the symptoms of not having a healthy gut and how you can reach your best ever healthy gut.

People usually see the GI tract as a place where food get digested and then trow out but scientist have discovered that the GI system has actually a bigger and way more complex job than just digesting food. Your GI tract is also linked with your over all health, your moods, your immunity health and chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Your gut homes your immune system and trillions of bacteria that helps to process foods, helps maintain homeostasis and over all well being. Your gut microbiome can be affected by your environment, your food options and behavior.

“Healthy gut, happy gal.”

How Digestion Works?

Eating the right food is very important because your body will break down the food you consume, to find it’s nutrients, divide in groups, decide where each nutrient will go and send them to the right places. But when you consume meals that has no nutrient at all your organs won’t have what it needs to work and there for illness will start to show up.

Our digestive system:
– Is about 26 feet long and goes from the mouth to the anus.
– It brings in the food and process it.
– It gives a physical and chemical barriers against pathogens.
– it detoxifies potential harmful substances and excretes waste.
– It contains the “second brain” know as the enteric nervous system.
– It secrets hormones and helps process others.
– It helps to regulate your immune system.
– It’s innervated by nerves also involved in social engagement and emotion, giving you important (often instinctive and subconscious) signals about the world and how you feel.

Your Brain and Your Gut Are Linked Directly

Your digestive system is controlled by your automatic nervous system (ANS) which regulates your internal organs without you being conscious of it, you don’t have any control of it. The ANS is divided in two branches:
-The symphatetic nervous systen (SNS) which is our “flight or flight” system
– The parasympatheric nervous system (PNS) which is your “rest and digest” system.

Your GI tract reacts to these two systems, your SNS and PNS signals. When your SNS it’s activated by intense activities, stimulation or stress, it shuts down your digestion and your appetite. Your mouth goes dry, you stop eating food and your GI tract stops moving through the system and you get “butterflies’ in your stomach.

Your PNS system gets activated by rest and relaxation, this regulates your digestion and movement through your GI tract, so that things proceed steadily and calmly. However in some situations such as extreme fear or trauma, once your SNS response has been used to exhaustion, the PNS might also get activated.

This means that your digestion CAN be affected by your internal signals such as whats happening elsewhere in your body as well as for environmental such as all of the outside stressors. In other words what you think, feel, see, smell can affect your appetite, your hunger, your fullness and overall your health.

Your Gut Homes Microbiome

Microbiome is a ecosystem that lives inside your stomach that contains bacteria, good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria, probiotics, makes you feel happy, it lowers inflammation and fights sugar cravings. Basically if your mood is off then you know that your microbiome is off.

Now, everybody’s microbiome is different, but there are few things and signs that can tell if your microbiome is off. There are different things that affects your variation of microbiome, it can be starting from your birth to how you we raised. Studies had showed that babies that are born vaginally grow up to have a higher diversity of microbiomes because they get exposure to different bacteria’s as they passed through the birth canal. Also it’s been proven that kids who plays outside, get their hands in the dirt and play with pets can strengthen their microbiomes.

Medications can also affect your microbiome, these can be over the counter painkillers, and any other drug to treat psychiatric conditions, diabetes and acid reflux. Antibiotics can not only kill your bad bacteria but it can also mess up with your good ones and can make people develop allergies, more susceptible to infections and have motility issues. It is important to make sure you use them when really necessary, while taking second measures on hand to keep your gut bacteria thriving and to not overdose.

We all need a good variety of bacteria, an unhealthy person has much less diversity of bacteria and there seems to be an increases of bacteria associated with disease. When the gut works as it should be working, it will keep the good and bad bacteria on point, where they should be naturally. But when you don’t keep your gut healthy and mess up with it’s natural order, inflammatory bacteria can take over, spreading inflammation to other parts of your body.

Bad bacteria has been linked to lower immune function, it also has been linked to asthma, allergies, chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and some types of cancers. It has also been linked to anxiety, depression and neurological conditions such as schizophrenia and dementia. If you haven’t guest it yet, your gut health also has a strong link between and healthy lean body or a overweight one, following with all the health problems that obesity brings to the table.

Foods high in sugar, high in fat, cigarettes, excessive alcohol and drugs also affects your gut health, and influence the gut on a negative way allowing bad bacteria to grow. They can grow and colonize more easily so you need to be careful of feeding them too much. Bad bacteria can also cause you to absorb more calories. Foods treated with pesticides such as roundup can also have negative effect on your gut bacteria, and antibiotics can cause permanent changes in certain types of bacteria, especially when it ingested during childhood and adolescence.

How To Know If There’s a Problem?

Lucky for you your body has many ways to speak to you and tell you when something is wrong, but it is very important that you keep a healthy lifestyle because signs not always show up and it can be a little late when we finally find out.

Some signs of unhealthy gut are:



















Is important to do constant Dr. check ups and keep a regular healthy diet since not all signs shows up on time such as cancers.

Tracking Gut Problems

There are three steps you should follow to identifying any gut health problems, these are:
– Start elimination process
– Keep a journal
– Start the addition process

The elimination process is when you start eliminating foods that you think are causing a problem and all the foods that are proven to be allergenic, addictive and non-healthy such as:
-Wheat (bread, pasta, cereals)
– Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurts and butter)
– Process foods (boxed and packaged, pre-manufactured, fast food and frozen diners)
– Process sugars
– Artificial colors and flavorings

The next step to start journaling to keep track of everything and see things and sings you didn’t noticed before. Sometimes you feel one way one day and days later you felt it again but didn’t noticed that it was because those days you consume certain food. When you keep a journal you will see patterns on moods, health issues and meals that are harming your health.

Things to keep track of should be:
– Mood, this goes from happy, energized to sad, tired, etc.
– Any health issue such as low energy, fatigue, constipation, cravings, allergies, etc.
– Every food eaten. This will show you what foods are the ones that could be harming your health and you should never consume again.

Last you can start the addition process by adding whole natural foods such as legumes, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Allergenic foods such as gluten should be added little by little allowing three to five days in between each addition, this means that the process can take weeks or even months but it will be worth it in the long run. As soon as you add a food keep it in your journal and write your mood and health, when ever you consume a food that your body does not love, you will notice the difference and decide if you want to cut it off your diet or not.

Healthy Living In A Glance

Now that we are adding meals to our diet, the next question could be but what should I eat and how much? Well relax because here we go. The first thing you need to do is to start hydrating yourself, water is critical for optimal physiological function and healthy living. If you forget to get your water then you can download an app that will notify when it is time to drink your water or set an alarm for every two to three hours.

Forget about skipping meals, meals are the key for health and if you don’t eat regular then problems will come back. If you are a super busy mom like me Arbonne offers an amazing meal replacement shake that will give you all the nutrients, fiber and satisfaction you need to get your health on it’s best. I usually go for the shake on lunch time or breakfast and then have a succulent dinner with my kids.

You can shop your shake at: or DM for more information.

The next thing to keep in mind when preparing your meals is to serve what you need and in the right proportions. Your veggies and fruits should be half of your plate, and these can be leafy greens, and a variation of color vegetables (red, orange, white, purple and yellow). Legumes are great sources of protein without any cholesterol, extra calories or health issues that meat brings. I love chickpeas, black beans and pink beans and they should be a fourth of your plate.

Next will be… and wait for it…. it should be CARBS! Carbs are not the enemy girl, is the amount that we eat of it. You should opt for an eight to no more than a fourth or your plait of carbs, they are your body’s favorite source of energy so bring them to the table. I love sweet potatoes, carrots, quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Last but not less important is adding a tablespoon or two of healthy fats. Your body need them specially if you are trying to lose weight so go ahead and add some nuts, seeds or avocados to your meals and you are good to go.

Another great thing you can add to help your microbiome are probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes. Now I will be honest with you, I never heard about prebiotics until two months ago and even then did not got curious about until now and I am happy I did this blog because I though I knew what I needed to knew until I decided to write about prebiotics.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that are found in certain foods or supplements and lives in your gut and gives numerous health benefits to your body while prebiotics are the food ( certain types of carbs high in fiber) for these bacteria, so basically they kind of sound similar but are two totally different things. Probiotics are found on fortified non-dairy yogurts, kombucha and supplements however this last one is the less recommended one.

Prebiotics can be found naturally in certain foods because they are types of fiber that are found in vegetables, fruits and legumes. These types of fiber are not digestible by humans but your good gut bacteria can digest them. Prebiotic fiber can be found in beans, peas, oats, bananas, berries, Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, dandelion greens, garlic, leeks and onions.

Enzymes are a special kind of protein that are found in the cells of living organisms. Enzymes helps with processes like digestion, blood clotting, hormone production, catalization or speed up of chemical reactions. However each enzyme can only do one type of chemical reaction, which means that you need to consume all 6 different types of enzymes. They make reactions happen, they are the last push up you need to keep going.

Even thought there are six main types of enzymes, they help to speed up oxidation, reduce reactions, help atoms to transfer molecules to other molecules, break peptide bonds in proteins, rearrange atoms, they help breakdown foods, convert food in energy, breaks down starch, lactose and pectin-rich foods. Some foods rich in digestive enzymes are pineapple, papaya, mango, bananas, avocados, sauerkrout, kimchi, miso, kiwi and ginger.

Not a big fruits and veggies person? Not taking your entire recommended servings of foods? Don’t worry I get there too, between three kids and a business I can forget about eating sometimes or simply don’t have the time to eat, but I always make sure to add my Arbonne digestion plus where I take the time to care for my digestive system every day! This mild powder has soothing notes of ginger and chamomile, and delivers prebiotics, 3 billion CFU of probiotics, and enzymes to help support optimal digestive function. All you have to do is
add 1 stick pack to 4 oz. of cold/room temperature liquid and stir. I love to add them in my smoothies or drink it with water on a empty stomach on the mornings.
to no more


Homemade Apple Cider

So yesterday I tried for the first time to make apple cider and as a matter of a fact even though I had tested it before I didn’t really remembered how it’s flavor was and I will admit that I loved it and I’m kind of impressed I didn’t loved it as much as I did yesterday the first time I tested it.

Spiced Apple Cider with Apple Cider Cupcakes. Click here to get the cupcakes recipe.

As part of my new special issue coming this weekend I been working on some amazing fall recipes and apple cider came to the table. Today I decided to share this recipe because I want every body to have this even if they can’t get the magazine.

This recipe is ridiculously easy, just chop the apples, add the spices and let cook on the slow cooker while you go to work and when you get home your home is not only going to smell amazing but you will have something to sip while you seat down and chill.

Spiced Apple Cider

. 14 apples, chopped
. 3 cinnamon sticks
. 1 2″inch fresh ginger
. 2 tsp of cloves
. 8 cups of water
. 1 cup of brown sugar

Place all ingredients, except for the brown sugar, on the slow cooker and cook for 8 hours or overnight.
Now, take all the apples and cloves out and add the brown sugar, stir and cook for another hour.
Serve warm if desired or chilled with a slice of apple and a cinnamon stick.
Buen Provecho!

Spiced Apple Cider Cupcakes

These healthier apple cider cupcakes are going to make you jump of joy. Last night I bakes these delicious cupcakes using my homemade spiced apple cider and my body had two cupcakes each. My still warm homemade apple cider was so delicious that I wanted to get creative and bake some goodies with it and cupcakes came to the picture.

These cupcakes are quick to do, perfect for doing with your kids or friends and again super tasty and perfect for the season.

Spiced Apple Cider Cupcakes

Dry ingredients

. 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour
. 1 tsp of baking soda
. 1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon
. Pinch of salt

Dry Ingredients

. 1 cup of spiced apple cider (click to recipe)
. 2/3 cups of brown sugar
. 1/3 cups of granulated sugar
. 1/2 cup apple sauce
. 1/2 cup of olive oil
. 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Pre heat the oven at 350 F.
On a medium bowl whisk together the dry ingredients and set aside.
On a large bowl whisk all the wet ingredients.
Now add the dry ingredients in three batches whisking until everything is well mixed.
Line cupcake baking sheet with papers.
Using an ice cream scoop pour dough on cupcake baking sheet.
Place cupcakes on the oven and bake for 12-15 minutes, or knife comes out clean.
Chill for ten minutes then enjoy warm if desire.
Buen Provecho!


According to “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” recent review, carotenoids could reduce the risk of developing age related cataracts.  Carotenoids act like antioxidants, fights cancer, they can be converted in vitamin A by the body (an essential vitamin for vision, growth and development), they have anti-flamatory properties, and benefits the immune system.  

Carotenoids are plant pigments responsible for the bright red, yellow and orange color in a lot of fruits and vegetables. These pigments play an important role in the plant health.  When you consume foods that contains carotenoids you get protective health benefits as well.  Caroteniods can also be found in algae and bacteria. 

For your body to be able to absorb this amazing nutrient, you need to consume carotenoids with fats, otherwise your body wont absorb it, and tomatoes carotene is better absorbed when it’s cooked. There are over 1,000 types of carotenoids these includes: alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. Carotenoids are divided are  in two groups: xanthophylls and carotene.  Xanthophylls is mostly the yellow colored foods while carotenes are the orange ones.  

Lutein and zeaxanthin

Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only carotenes found in the retina and lens of your eye, which is why studies recommend diets high in these carotene to help slow the development of age related macular degeneration.  These carotenes are responsible for your central vision and protects the retina from blue lights.  Lutein and zeaxanthin also has proven to be an antioxidant that helps prevent cholesterol from building up in the arteries and clog them.  These carotenes can be found in collard greens, spinach, kale, summer squash, pumpkin, paprika, yellow fruits and avocados.  


Beta-cryptoxanthin is a good source of vitamin A, however beta-carotene as double amount of it, and may be effective in preventing lung cancer.  Beta-cryptoxanthin may also be helpful in reducing the risk of chronic inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis.  Researches suggests that somethings as a glass of orange juice a day could be helpful in preventing arthritis.  Great sources of this carotenoid is papaya, mango, oranges and yellow foods such as corn and bell peppers.


This is the best source of vitamin A when it comes to carotenoids. Beta-carotene can also protect against sunburn, may help lower the risk of metabolic syndrome which includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels and excess fat around the waits and it is also associated with a reduced risk of lung cancer.  However if smokers consume beta-carotene in supplements shape, their changes of lung cancer risks are extremely high, but if source is from foods risks wont increase.  Best sources of beta-carotene are cantaloupe, mangoes, papaya, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale and pumpkin.


Alpha-carotene produces half the amount of vitamin A than beta-carotene, but still is a source of it.  This carotenoid is found in similar foods of the beta-carotene, however it is less understood yet.  However this carotene has been given more attention and some studies has seen a potential longevity benefits on it.  Researches has also found that high blood levels were inversely associated with cancer death, cardiovascular disease and all other illness causes. 

The correlation between high levels of alpha-carotene and a lower risk of death from diabetes and lower respiratory disease were especially high.  Studies has showed that people with the highest blood levels of alpha-carotene were less likely to die from hearth disease.  Good sources of alpha-carotene are pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, collards, tangerines, winter squash and peas.  


Lycopene is a bright red pigment responsible for the color in tomatoes, guavas, grapefruit s and watermelons.  Lycopene can act as an potent antioxidant, it’s been linked to reduced prostate cancer risks, it may promote bone health and help prevent the development of osteoporosis.  Additionally, lycopene may decrease stroke risks on men.  Researches had fond that of all the carotenoids, lycopene was most effective at deactivating singlet oxygen, a harmful free radical.  Lycopene can also be found in papaya, carrots, asparagus, red cabbage, red bell peppers and parsley.  

Even that carotenoids are mostly on red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, they can also be found in other green foods.  


A month ago I started the Arbonne 30 day health challenge and let me tell you the changes I saw only a week after starting the challenge, kept me motivated to keep going for the other weeks left to go. However there was a few things that were absolutely hard to do and today I am sharing with you all the pro’s and con’s of this challenge and how it changed my life forever.

So it all started because for the last few months I been working really hard on a new website where I am planning to deliver monthly meal and workout plans along with many other amazing things. On the search to give my future clients the best health possible I found that it would be better if I give some tools were my girls can find everything they need to live a healthy mindful lifestyle without worrying about what products works, where to find them and all the problems that can come by trying to find the right product. We needed pure, clean, plant based products that they can find in one place, without any extra worries, so I found Arbonne.

What I found was even more better than just finding the perfect products but that they provide this 30 day program where they help ladies (also men) to detoxify the body, increase their nutrient intake and eliminate allergenic, addictive and toxic foods from their diets. This was a “ding, ding, ding”, to my ears because I could not only provide one meal plan every month to just keep a healthy eating habit without looking to lose dramatic weight fast, but I could actually provide a healthy quick solution, aka two meal plans every month.

But before I can offer you a meal plan I needed to try it first, I needed to know and understand what my girls where going to go through so I could coach and understand their journey and say with confidence “You can do this”, so I went ahead and did the program myself.

So I went ahead and purchase the health kit and waited impatiently for my package because I was honestly super exited about this, and thank the universe it only took four day to get to my hands. The healthy kit contains a total of 10 products:

-Two bags of protein, flavors vanilla, chocolate or both.
– Two boxed of detox tea
Two boxed of fizz sticks, flavors citrus, pomegranate or both
– Digestion plus enzymes
– And a choice of two out of three options: Green balance, Arbonne essentials body cleanse or the daily fiber boost.

I choose these ones:

Both flavors of the protein, both flavors of the energy fizz sticks, the fiber plus and the green balance. However I do wish I also got the body cleanse since we are going to do a detox after day 15.

The first thing I did was to take notes of how I was feeling lately and what toxicity symptoms I had, because to be honest I was not feeling my best at that time, I was blocked, fatigued, tired, my skin looked dark I mean I did not looked flattering at all, plus I was having way to many breakouts which I know one of the reasons for it was because of all the stress I been having and also I was super bloated, and have not been happy about that, I knew I needed a change and Arbonne was promising me that change and I wanted it.

Now I will admit that I was nervous about not having any coffee at all during these 30 days because there is something about having a nice warm cup of coffee every morning when it is still dark and cozy, I love to watch the sunrise and read very early in the mornings when my kids are still asleep and I can focus on myself care and coffee has been part of my routine, I mean, the smell of it only makes my mornings perfect. But in this program we are eliminating addictive foods and coffee is one of them, and yep, I miss the heck out of my coffee every day.

The first thing I did was to take notes of how I was feeling lately and what toxicity symptoms I had, because to be honest I was not feeling my best at that time, I was blocked, fatigued, tired, my skin looked dark I mean I did not looked flattering at all, plus I was having way to many breakouts which I know one of the reasons for it was because of all the stress I been having and also I was super bloated, and have not been happy about that, I knew I needed a change and Arbonne was promising me that change and I wanted it.

Now I will admit that I was nervous about not having any coffee at all during these 30 days because there is something about having a nice warm cup of coffee every morning when it is still dark and cozy, I love to watch the sunrise and read very early in the mornings when my kids are still asleep and I can focus on myself care and coffee has been part of my routine, I mean, the smell of it only makes my mornings perfect. But in this program we are eliminating addictive foods and coffee is one of them, and yep, I miss the heck out of my coffee every day.

Day one of the challenge

The way we replace the coffee to get our daily energy is by using our fizz sticks and have to say I do love my fizz sticks, like so much that they are absolutely part of my life forever. It is a great way to not only get energized but it is great to stay hydrated during the day without drinking any sugary super toxic store bought juices. I get my Arbonne bottle fill it, add a fizz stick with a mind health and drink it during my day.

First week is never easy, specially if you love sweets, I mean, I graduated from baking and pastry in cooking school, so imagine no sweets. Also because I started to go on a detox phase I was not feeling my best on the few first days, and that include a little headache and crazy digestion. however after the fourth day I noticed some changes. I had no headaches, I was less bloated and I did a huge seasonal decluttering in the house, and this is huge because I was lacking so much energy that even washing a plate was a torture so imagine decluttering my closet, laundry, kitchen, rooms, etc.

Next thing I noticed is that I was doing more stuff not only at home but at my business, I was finally feeling clear and was doing some work without feeling forced by myself to do it. My mind was finally clear again. But to be honest my favorite part of all was that one week after starting my challenge I was on the move, I was going out, I was working happily again and my skin was looking super good. I had so many less breakouts and it looked cleared, It was glowing again.

One week after the challenge

Wow, what a change, but I wanted to see how the next few weeks where going to go, so I kept going. During this time my skin kept looking better, I was more focused at my jobs, I even got inspired to start a very special new project which is launching next month and kept going strong. I started to workout again, which I honestly lacked, and I felt amazing. I decided without a inch of a doubt that this was going to be part of my membership website, I know that this will change many lives just like it changed mine.

How Does The Program Works?

So during the program I got daily coaching and access to a private FB group. There I could ask any questions or suggestions I needed and they will answer me, plus I would stay motivated by also reading about the other amazing transformations. Every week I got delivered a meal plan, which facilitated my life, and why I will be doing a membership site giving you a meal plan as well, I want to help to make your life easier. The meals were very delicious and satisfying.
However you have the choice, depending on your goals, to replace one or two meals a day and then have one or two full meals. By example I was absolutely not looking forward to lose weight because your girl here is 91 pounds, I know, what the heck?! So I decided to substitute my launch. Why my launch? Because I have to go to work at 11 AM and I work on my computer from 8 to 11 AM, this means I do not have time to cook lunch, so I decided to have a nice full nutritious breakfast at 7:30 AM and have my meal replacer at 10:50, then I would cook a nice dinner at 6 PM to eat with my little family. Of course if you do look to lose weigh then you can have the shake as breakfast and lunch.

My regular meals consisted of mostly veggies, I personally always choose half of my plate because they are full of nutrients and we want lots of them. Then I choose my protein, this can be legumes or quinoa (it used to be meat substitutes or soy but for this challenge I can’t), then I followed by adding a carb of my choice, because I have kids I went a lot with brown rice, they love rice, but I definitively added sweet potatoes and again quinoa, lastly but very important we add a small amount of healthy fats, they are crucial for mind health and weight loss, believe it or not.

I will be honest, I did cheated twice. The first time was about two weeks in when I had to go a few times to a place to do some errands and it is 45 minutes away form my home, the problem? every time I go there I get a Starbucks coffee because I live in a town where we have NOTHING, just a bunch of expensive as fuck restaurants because people think locals do not deserve cheaper meals because we have way to many tourists here. Also, Starbucks reminds me of home aka Virginia, it is my little peace of home in a place where I do not like to live at, so imagine how hard was to go and not have my coffee, and to make it worst fall just started, my absolute favorite season, and they had the pumpkin spice latte, I meannnnn……. so by the third time I said the hell with it and got me one. I felt a little guilt at first but let’s be honest here, we are humans and we get tempted and sometimes after a long day or hard moment we want a little indulge, so after thinking about it for a minute, I let it go and enjoyed my latte because I deserved it and I am all about mindful eating, not diets.

The second time was around the last days of the challenge, I honestly got so comfortable and used to eating without thinking of the challenge that I went off the rails for a second and cooked pasta, the worst part was that I realized what I did after I was cooking the noodles, so I had to finish it and serve just a little bit of it, fix it as much as I could with steamed broccoli, fresh almonds slices and a good bottle of water. But again, after thinking of it for a minute I let it go, challenge was almost over and only had a little and serve the rest to my boys who love pasta and where not mad at it at all.

Did I wanted to finish the challenge with no hick ups? Absolutely but why being hard on myself about something I could not change? I simply enjoyed the moment, savor my latte, had happy memories or simply fixed the meal as much as I could and again, enjoyed every bite. As long as we are mindful and we are conscious of when we are “breaking” the rules and we are honest about why we did it and that it will not become a pattern, we can get back up right after and keep going with our challenge and that’s exactly what I did. I still am happy with the results, I still feel amazing and I still noticed a huge change on my lower abs and that I am extremely happy about.

I have decided that I will not only add this amazing program to my website but I will also keep this lifestyle for a long time because again, I don’t have the time to be cooking all the time, in case you don’t know yet I am a single mama of 3 and I have a regular job plus I own my business that I have started from zero by myself. I love the fact that I can have a quick shake with all the nutrients I need, stay full and run to work.

Today my skin keep getting better, it looks so clean so radiant I don’t even want to wear makeup lol but I still do, we gotta look professional, but I love how it looks. I am working really fluidly, I get stuff done and my home is in order and it is all because I feel good, I feel energized and I feel good about my body. I am still working out, getting more done and I even go out a lot more than I used to because I have the energy to move, something I did not had a month ago, and I am super happy that I did this challenge.

Want to Know More or Join The Challenge?

The challenge starts every first and third Monday of every month, however I give a four days before deadline to join so you can have time to purchase your health kit. If you are interest in knowing how you can:


you can send me an email at: or send me a DM on my social media @thefitsteph or @fitstephmagazine saying you want in or more info and I will get with you.

Also if you want to learn more about my membership website and join the waiting list you can to to: to learn more. Please know that you want to save your spot now for many reasons:

Spots are limited
-Doors will be open for a few weeks ONLY-You will NEVER get a cheaper price again, once we close price will rise.
-You will get a one month FREE trial-You will receive two FREE e-books with your waiting list subscription


Have you heard about my challenge “Be Happier Challenge”? Well I have opened it twice and soon I am about to open again, but when I heard this new podcast episode about how you can be happy I had to share.  So I been following Rene Amberg for a while now, she is a you-tuber and when she launched her podcast “The Wisdom Theory”  I new I needed to subscribe because I love listening to podcasts while I work and her videos are pretty good and inspiring too. 

The Wisdom Theory podcast by Rene Amberg

She uploaded a episode about happiness called “4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Activate Happiness” and I new I needed to look out for more info about it and share it, because happiness is not only part of my brand but I also created a challenge called “Be Happier Challenge” and I new that this info was not only going to be great for everybody but also to add more about it on my challenge.  Here I will share her important points on how to be happy but on a scientific way, ways that have been proven and are effective.

Our brain releases four chemicals, that are responsible for us feeling happy.  Here we explain what these chemicals are, how to use them, their functions, deficiencies, cause of deficiencies and more.


It is a neural transmitter  that is know as the chemical of reward or motivation molecule, it is responsible of our motivation.  It is released during pleasurable situations, it makes you jump of joy when you reach a goal or get something new like makeup, cloths, toys, etc.  Dopamine leads you to food when you need it.  Dopamine causes expectations, correct predictions, brings good sensations, flows when you feel like you’ve done it and it seeks for rewards, it is the joy of finding what you seek.

Its functions:

  • Felling of salience
  • Pleasure
  • Euphoria
  • Motivation
  • Alertness
  • WakefuLness


  • Lack of interest in life or situations
  • Lack of motivation
  • Procastination
  • Inability to feel pleasure
  • Feeling of burnout on life, goals, career.


  • Drug abuse
  • Diets high in sugar
  • Diet high in saturated fats
  • Diets low in protein

Increase Dopamine

  • Eat foods rich in tirosine, it is a amino acid that you can find in almonds, bananas, avocados, beans, legumes and soy.
  • Get a good source of probiotics, they are the good bacteria in your gut.  Your gut is know as your second brain and it is extremely linked to your brain, and it impacts your mood and behavior, this means that if you eat a poor diet your mood will be poor as well as your actions. You can get them in yogurt, kombuchaq or probiotics pills or supplements.  
  • Getting quality sleep, it keep dopamine balance and it is release most in the mornings and falls as night comes.  Get enough sleep, but also good quality, there’s no point on going to bed early and wake up twenty times during night because of noise, phone notifications, unnecessarily calls, etc.  
  • Listen music, instrumental music boost your levels of dopamine by 9%.
  • Take a new challenge, feelings of accomplishing something, like a challenge or a goal, completing a task boost dopamine.  
  • Focus on lifestyle choices instead of quick fixes.

Too Much Dopamine Signs

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Hyperactivity
  • Impulsivity
  • Seek of instant gratification, like gambling, drugs, alcohol or food.
  • Increase in adrenaline, nervous breakdown, aggression, over competition, etc.


This is a hormone known as the love hormone.  Oxytocin is the safety of social bands, it builds social alliances.  Oxytocin helps you to trust your mates, loves the bonds that you creates, flows when you stick with the herd.  When you don’t have social bonds, your brain feels alarm.  However the herd will annoy you.  When you run with a pack, oxytocin will flow, makes you feel to trust someone and when someone trust you. Oxytocin stimulates dopamine and serotonin and it is released during sex, child bird, breastfeeding and lactation.  


  • Warm fusy feelings
  • Lower anxiety
  • Lower stress
  • Reduction in drug cravings
  • Improvement in social skills and social bonding
  • Improve libido


  • Poor comunication
  • Low emphaty
  • Lack of socialization
  • irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Craving sugar
  • Sleep difficulty
  • Low libido
  • Lack of trust


  • Lack of human interactions
  • Disorders like depression, autism, schizophrenia, anxiety dissorders
  • Too much stress
  • Too much cortisol levels, the more cortisol the lower levels of oxytoxin. 
  • Holding grudges

Increase Oxytoxin

  • Physical contact like hugs, hand holding, massage, cuddling, eye contact, shaking a hand.  This interactions can be done with a human or even your pets.
  • Sex
  • Close relationships with others
  • Laughing
  • Childbirth
  • Forgiveness, this one reduces cortisol.

Too Much Oxytoxin signs

  • Increase walls between people, fear and mistrust
  • Agression
  • Lower cooperation
  • Suspicion and jelousy
  • Too much trust
  • Predujice

If you feel like you have a deficiency of this or too much you should consult your doctor, this is hormones and these are better to work with is a professional. 


Its a neurotransmitter also know as the happy chemical, it is used in a lot of anti-depressants.  It is the security of social dominance, get respect for others.  Serotonin swells your chest with pride, when you get respect and needn’t to hide.  When you have serotonin you are modest and don’t like to boast, you feel good when you boost your self higher, but if others do this, it provokes your ire.  With serotonin you can be clever, helpful or funny, but when others one-up you, your mind agitates, because serotonin droops til you lift your own weights.  


  • Stabilized mood
  • Feelings of pleasure
  • Feelings of satisfaction
  • Good sleep
  • Feelings of happiness


  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bench eating
  • Negativity
  • Low self-eesteem
  • Carb cravings


  • Unhealthy gut, 95% of seratonin is created in the intestines, not the brain, this means that diet pays the main key on this hormone.
  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Diet high on sugar
  • High cortisol levels

Increase Serotonin

  • Sunshine
  • Vitamin D
  • Exercise
  • Happy thoughts
  • Meditation
  • Healthy carbs
  • Protein
  • Foods high in triptophan like spinach and seeds.
  • Be around friends
  • Micros and soil, walk on grass or putting your feel in direct earth surface with no sucks or shoes.

Too Much Serotonin Signs

  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Confusion
  • Rapid heart rate
  • diarrea
  • Shivering
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Sceachures 
  • Nervousness

Increase or balance Serotonin

  • Supplements such as bacopa, magnesium, vitamin D and omega 3.


It is a chemical produced by the central nervous system, and helps us to deal with physical pain.  Endorphin compromises twenty feel good brain chemicals and it is a feel good chemical, happiness, etc.  Endorphin is the oblivion that masks pain or ignore physical pain.  It helps you to mask the pain or injuries that you sustain.  Endorphin makes you feel like you’re safe.  It triggers you to laugh or cry for an instant, it makes you feel great when it eases your pains and only real pain makes it flow in your veins.  


  • Feel lightheaded
  • Getty
  • Euphoria
  • Bliss
  • Decrease of stress 


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress


  • Lack of exercise

Increase of Endorphin

  • Exercise
  • Walk
  • Go out and do something
  • Fall in love
  • Laugher
  • Vitamin D
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Spicy foods
  • Moderate alcohol
  • Dancing, studies had showed that country music releases endopine while heavy metal leads to anxiety.
  • Do things that you like
  • Eat things that you like

Too Much Endorphin

  • You are on the edge
  • You are on a fight or flight response constantly

Happiness comes from diets, exercise, connection to others, connection to our selves, being in tune with our bodies and our selves, connection to our mind, connection to our thoughts, the way we think.  Happiness is essentially up to you, you choose either if you want to eat healthy, exercise, take things seriously, let things go, laugh or cry, I mean you are in complete control of it.  It is an attitude and nothing to do with materials, it comes from within your body, from the inside. There are many other things you can do to be happy, again, happiness comes from within, and taking actions also come in hand here, you need to have the desire to live your best life, to go out and do what makes you happy.  

Not sure what else to do? Here are some tips:

1. Work with your hands, this can be gardening, building something, cooking dinner, etc.

2. Practice “Taking in the good”, avoid focusing on negativity and receive the good that exists in your life. 

3. Help others, be of service, help someone you know or a stranger.  Lend a hand to someone close to you, even when you’re busy. Seeing a need, even a small one, and meeting it, will make you happier.

4. Stop caring about what others think, their opinions does not concern you, does not shape you or build your happiness.

5. Let Go of perfection, that does not exist.

6 Practice mindfulness, and the inner calm that goes with it. 

7.Embrace life’s small pleasures, they count as much as the big ones.

8. Journal, keep track of your feelings, habits and write things your are grateful for.

9. Drink water, stay hydrated.

10. Limit your time on your electronic devices, specially social media, they are time consuming and give false perspectives of other peoples lives.

11. Baby steps matters, reading 5 pages of a book is better than nothing, working out 10 minutes is better than nothing, just get started.

12. Spend more time outside, get some fresh air, some sun light and walk barefoot.

13. Stop complaining, the more you focus on the bad, the worst you will feel about it

.14.Make time for the things that make you happy.

15.Tell people when they do something that you appreciate. Verbalizing your gratefulness not only improves your happiness, but theirs as well.

16.Find a community of other people, invest yourself in it. 

17. Don’t fear failure, failure are amazing lessons that makes us grow and teaches us how to be better person. 

18. Pay attention, stop, look, and listen to the everyday moments of your life. 

19. Find a mantra, write it down and repeat loud, repeating a mantra is a way of meditation, and this positive meditation will make you happier and more resilient. 

20. Get creative,  don’t be afraid to try some art, music, singing, etc.

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