It is pumpkin season and you know I had to come with a pumpkin recipe.  So yesterday I was watching a youtube video and the girl ate a pumpkin bread during the vide and there I was, the fall lover already craving a piece of pumpkin bread.  So I found the recipe but ofContinue reading “VEGAN PUMPKIN BREAD”


     Knowing your straights and qualities help you build confidence, self-esteem and makes you powerful. It might feel weird at first when someone ask you what are your good qualities and you responds, but if you believe in them you will soon feel amazing and great about yourself and you will build and unbreakableContinue reading “WHAT ARE YOUR GOOD QUALITIES”


     Values are way more important that you think.  Values are the ones that guide you on the way you think, believe and act; it is the core of your life.  Values help you to have a meaning in every decision and action that you make.  When you don’t live by your values, thisContinue reading “FINDING YOUR CORE VALUES”

Join For FREE The “Be Healthier Challenge” Now

             Holy guacamole, it is October already and the holidays are coming like crazy! I mean Halloween, thanksgiving , Christmas and new years. Since this year is going by so fast and it is almost over I wanted to do something new and special to finish the year strong. RightContinue reading “Join For FREE The “Be Healthier Challenge” Now”

Flowerless Chocolate Cake/Bizcocho de Chocolate sin Harina

  *Gluten Free *Lactose Free *Added sugars Free *Eggs Free       So today I was checking my social media and I saw this video of a quick flowerless chocolate cake, what I noticed was that I was also vegan and so easy to make that I went straight to the kitchen and tried itContinue reading “Flowerless Chocolate Cake/Bizcocho de Chocolate sin Harina”