If I ask you right now, “What’s your story?” would you be able to tell me a positive one? We live our lives telling ourselves stories, about ourselves, all day long and we don’t even realize that we have that belief, that we are the ones that created it, and that is that story theContinue reading “THE POWER OF YOUR STORY!”

Enjoy Your Vacations, Stay Healthy

Spring is almost there but road trips and vacations are all year long! Today I want to share a few tips for you to stay healthy during your road trips, flights or at your stay. If health is important for you as it is for me then you want to keep some tricks on yourContinue reading “Enjoy Your Vacations, Stay Healthy”


New year is here along with a new decade and it is my favorite time to reflect on my past twelve month and see where did I did great and where I need to make changes to get where I want to be in the future.  This is when I noticed that I needed toContinue reading “WHY HABITS ARE SO IMPORTANT”