Phosphorous the Essential Mineral for Life/Fosforo el Mineral Esencial para la Vida

Phosphorous is essential for life.  Phosphorus it is involved on hundreds of cellular activities that the skeletal structure and vital organs − the brain, heart, kidneys and liver, for example − all rely on this mineral to keep the body functioning properly. Other key roles include helping to balance hormones naturally and utilize nutrients fromContinue reading “Phosphorous the Essential Mineral for Life/Fosforo el Mineral Esencial para la Vida”


The other day I talked about vitamin D and how this vitamin helps your body to absorb better calcium and phosphorous.  So I want to dedicate the next two blogs to calcium and yes you guess it phosphorous and today is all about calcium.  Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body making upContinue reading “Calcium/Calcio”

Vitamin D/Vitamina D

Vitamin D Vitamin D is one f the thirteen essential vitamins that we must consume daily to get our bodies to function and live a healthy life.  However, it’s been show that at least half of the population have a deficiency of vitamin D, however this rates increase in people with dark skin and overContinue reading “Vitamin D/Vitamina D”

Mastering The Vegan Cooking/ Dic 5, 2017

December 5, 2016 For the past few days I’ve been working on writing my first cook book, “Fit Steph In The Kitchen” and as I started to look for recipes ideas and how to reinvent regular recipes in to vegan ones I wanted to do more.  Tonight after a long day of work I gotContinue reading “Mastering The Vegan Cooking/ Dic 5, 2017”

Vegan Tofu Fajitas/Fajitas de Tofu Vegano

Do you need a recipe that you can do in minutes and it’s still tasty? Well this is one of the many recipes that can make your day easy.  As a mother of 3 children and a business woman, sometimes my days can get a little crazy and today was not the exception.  I feltContinue reading “Vegan Tofu Fajitas/Fajitas de Tofu Vegano”